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  1. kanecorp

    Fonts messed up in Flash after massive font installation

    I was given a disk full of fonts today, which I installed using fontbook... As I'm visiting various sites, I notice some fonts looking strange...well I soon realize flash text is now showing up in this crazy font as shown in the screen shot from youtube. This happens with all flash content...
  2. kanecorp

    Permissions problem...clean install of leopard

    I did a clean install of Leopard last night - when I do a repair permissions it takes a while, but eventually spits this out at me. Anyone know what's going on/how to fix this? Thanks
  3. kanecorp

    No Access to Hard drive...HUGE mistake

    While playing around in the file sharing settings in Leopard, I didn't realize that the permissions I was changing (for what I thought was just network access), was in fact access to the hard drive in general. Long story short I have no access to my hard drive, no root access, no user access...
  4. kanecorp

    isight not showing up in ichat...only audio

    Up until about a week ago my isight on my macbook core duo 1 does not show up in ichat anymore. In ichat prefs, there is still a video tab and it works, but video is not an option for confrences, only audio. isight works perfectly fine in all other applications. my problem also goes away when...
  5. kanecorp

    Maya 7 on Intel? Does it work

    I just got Maya 7 and installed it on my Intel iMac. However, it crashes on launch. Is it possible this PPC app happens to be one of those programs that rosetta can't help? Anyone know? Thanks Suggestions? Also what other application can I buy that does the same thing if I can't get Maya...
  6. kanecorp

    Mail has gone mad

    Mail has decided to no longer work. I can open it for a few seconds until it unexpectedly quits. I have repaired permissions, restarted, and deleted the plists. All that has done for me is deleted all my Mail mailboxes and settings, I re-entered all of it in the wizard, and behold, the same...
  7. kanecorp

    iTunes brutally slow

    Hello, you can see my computer specs in my sig, and i'm using iTunes 4.9.. Anyways, my problem is iTunes is painfully slow to use. Selecting a song, SCROLLING especially, switching windows of playlists is all very slow. It is very, VERY frustrating to use. I've tried repairing permissions...
  8. kanecorp

    avi to mpeg converter etc

    I have AVI files that I would like to burn to a DVD, but am unable to find a program that will convert these files to a compatible DVD format. Any suggestions? Thanks
  9. kanecorp


    Hey Has anyone noticed that sites have been getting past the Safari popup blocker? I'm getting more and more everday. Very upsetting.
  10. kanecorp

    Internet Sharing problem

    Hello... I'm on panther, sharing my internet connection with my pc via a PCI linksys card. It works, as long as I don’t have encryption enabled... So that what I’ve been doing but I look in my network and I have about 60 people leaching off my connection, this is no good. When I have...
  11. kanecorp

    Network Issues...Please help... rendezvous etc

    I'm at a college, obviously on a network. I have my Mac and notebook pc in my room, so I brought with me a wifi router. Well this makes me on a separate network so rendezvous and itunes sharing etc doesn't show up. Is there anyway i can stay on this network i have on my linksys router, but still...
  12. kanecorp

    Help! Video Conference not working anymore

    I connect to my little sisters iBook everyday and we use iChatAV to video conference...never a single problem. Well starting today, we get this error: 2004-09-06 19:38:18 -0400: Erica Korff is busy in another conference. Tried to send UDP SIP "invite" to the following IP addresses and...
  13. kanecorp

    Minute of iSight video = **GB?

    Just wondering, if i were to have my iSight recording at full quality settings (well, whatever the normal settings are when i go into iMovie and press 'record with iSight'), how many GB would it be on average per minute recorded. Also, is there a way to change the scratch disk that iMovie...
  14. kanecorp

    Tiger beta apps on Panther?

    I'm just wondering what would happen if you try to use a beta tiger app on panther. Like iChat or Safari or any of those new programs. Thanks
  15. kanecorp

    Locking up the powermac and display

    I'll be leaving for school soon and want to make sure my computer is safe as possible.... I have a G4 PowerMac and a 20inch display... Just wondering what seems to be the best lock kit out there Thanks I guess its kinda impossible to secure my bt keyboard...unless i wanna make it...
  16. kanecorp

    Transfer Music to a new computer

    I have a powermac, and i have a brand new sony notebook, i would like to copy my music and playlists over as they are exactly. I would then eventually like to make it so my iPod syncs with the PC instead of the mac. Okay okay don't beat me up for getting a PC...i needed a really small light...
  17. kanecorp

    Mass Photo Changer

    Bascially i have hundreds if not thousands of photos i need to reduce in size (kb) drastically, all w/ the same settings. Is there anythign out there to do that.
  18. kanecorp

    Dual 1.25 G4 1.5GBRAM, 120HD etc FS

    PowerMac Dual G4 1.25GHz 1.5GB DDR SDRAM 120GB Internal HD Nvidia GeForce 4 Ti 4600 128MB SuperDrive 4x Never Opened/Used Apple Mouse Apple Keyboard Panther 10.3.2 iLife '04 Final Cut Express 1.0 BloodRayne (iLife, FCE and BR will come with their boxes, Panther...
  19. kanecorp

    Any KVM Switch...but with a catch

    I have a 20 inch apple screen, bluetooth keyboard, and wireless ms mouse. Anyway to share these three things with a mac and a pc. the switch would have to have a ADC input and a ADC output, but also a DVI or VGA output for the PC... I haven't been able to find somethign like that. I dont...
  20. kanecorp

    iLife '04: Don't waste your money

    If you gotta have it, download it, worth about 5 bucks. I'm so pissed i drove all the way out to the apple store this for this s**t. like, 7 new DVD themes, so minor updates to itunes and iphoto, garageband is a joke... I'm very mad right now.