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  1. iKiller484

    We should have an area where....

    We should have an area where, you can discuss new songs and maybe give ppl songs that they think are good, but that is just my opinion.
  2. iKiller484

    Someone Say new Powerbooks

    i remember hearing someone say there were going to be new powerbooks. Also i was wondering does anyone here actually use the widgests for Tiger. i Don't
  3. iKiller484

    What happens if you lost your ipod

    What happens if you lost your ipod or it gets stolen? becuase my brother lost his, or it got stolen at school.
  4. iKiller484

    Sync your Xbox 360 with your MAC.

    there is going to be a cord for Xbox 360 which allowes u to use Safari kind of web browser in you xbox and you can also do many other things, is what i have heard. Is this true? also who is looking foward to the xbox 360.
  5. iKiller484

    Nano Recall

    u know thet are recalling Nano's cause the screens crack to easy. And i was goign to get one.
  6. iKiller484


    i got Halo for mac, but it wont work, what might be the problem.