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    Startup on 7300/G3

    I have a PowerMac 7300 with a XLR8 G3 card (400 MHZ) and have installed Mac OS X beta on my second SCSI drive. I had the same difficulty some have had in booting from the Mac OS X install CD (I ended up launching the installer from Mac OS 9 installed on my first SCSI drive). I also had...
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    Is the internet going slower?

    I also saw a slowdown in OS X with Explorer and Omniweb too (56k modem connection). I first found a mention of "ramdisk" in NetBSD. A reference was made to /tmp being placed in RAM rather than disk. I selected /private/tmp for my cache files in Explorer. This seems to speed up browsing...
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    SCSI volumes not mounting under OS X

    DJ statement in totally wrong. SCSI is one thing that Mac OS X does support. I have been having a intermittent problem in starting from my second SCSI drive (a 4 GB 7200 RPM Barracuda). My 7300/XLR8 G3 400 MHZ sometimes hangs when encountering the Seagate at Mac OS X startup. I think...
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    Mac OS X and ATI XCLAIM VR 128

    Has anyone been successful in getting the ATI XCLAIM VR 128 card to work with an older "non Apple G3" machine and Mac OS X? I tried to use the card when installing Mac OS X and the screen was blank. Maybe it was the PCI slot I was using (seems like someone on the web mentioned that he...