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    What do you name your macs ?

    I name my macs based on their color. All five of them are unique. BTW "Root Radical" is a great song by Rancid. It's one of their calmer, less hardcore songs. I'm sure they got the name from somewhwere else but I still thought you would all like to know. ;)
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    Fully Qualified Domain Name???

    How do I setup my computer with a fully qualified domain name? I have registered with and my webserver works fine but i need to get an imap server and smtp server going. How do i setup my domain stuff in Netinfo. I cant use, the /etc/hosts file i was told. Thanks, Brian
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    My Carbon Apps Start in Classic!

    I don't see the check box. I am using 4k56 but I also had the same problem in 4k17.
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    My Carbon Apps Start in Classic!

    Many of the carbon apps I have downloaded start Classic when I run them. I checked info on them but can't figure out how to tell them to run in OSX (Carbon). Any suggestions? Napster, Audion2 and SoundJam do this for me. Thanks! -Brian
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    Finder won't finish loading

    All I had to do is change the resolution in preferences and it worked. Great to know after my 9th reinstall.
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    Finder won't finish loading

    I have a dual-processor G4 with 650 MB of ram. My problem is that everytime I try and boot into OSX the finder will not finish loading. The clock app loads, but the finder icon in the dock keeps hopping up and down. I used Hard Disk Speedtools on one of my SCSI drives. Could this be the...