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    Name of Application: MenuTunes Creator: iThink Software URL: Why I am Nominating This: I'm one of the developers :p Though, in all seriousness, It's been developed to fill my needs in an application such as this. I'm of the opinion that it has the best looking...
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    To all you lamers out there...

    Waar..g.. Doub..ost... :D x 100
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    To all you lamers out there...

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    Want to see an opensource app for Mac...?

    Post your suggestions! We are accepting ideas, and if there are some we like, we might start work on them. Also, if you want to join the group, introduce yourself stating that... all group members can work on any of our current projects.. Remember, The...
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    Programming and Development Network

    Howdy Howdy... this is quite a spam-post, but read ahead anyway, i beg of you... My company, The ChronoSurf Media Group, has aquired a website that will make its development network complete. The network consists of: iThink Software - commercial, closed source application development The...
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    Official Apple Jaguar Sneaky Peak Check it out!
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    AnonymousGet 1.0!!!

    Wow, this great new app is out, and its for freeeee ;) w00t ;) On a more personal note (:P), this is my 100th post :P
  8. J killed by Staff yikes! :( \* Edit: typo in URL *\
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    :D So I accidentally cliked "New Topic" instaed of "Reply"... whoops :) Just ignore this message of course, knowing these boards, this will turn into a 400 post long thread :)
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    Programming Chat and Support!!!!

    Referenced Post:
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    Programming Chat and Support Channel

    Hello! Well, me, along with the help of such forum-goers as simX, kilowatt, and others, have started up a chat room on the Sorcery IRC network (why not Press3? Ask me sometime when in there :P) well for connection settings: #iThink also, talk to CocoaBot. He's an...
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    Disk Copy 6.4

    anyone have it (is it still in beta? still, i need it)? I need a copy!
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    .dmg files!??! help!!!!!

    Okay, so this is sorta a classic mac os 9 question too, but it relates to a file that as I know only works in OS X... So, I have this dmg file, and I want to burn it to CD. I am on MacOS 9.1 (and a G4 733), with Toast 5 Titanium and Disk Copy 6.3.3. When I tried mounting the image from...
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    mount *.smi made in os x in os 9

    How do i Do it? I have a *.smi that was made in OS X but I want to mount it in OS 9, how do i do it? NOTE: I dont have OS X. also, when trying to mount it in os 9 i get error -39
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    Lets see some spikes!

    its so sad
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    good carracho servers?

    what are some good, free, carracho servers?
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    VMWare Workstation style app for Mac?

    I wanna play with other Mac OSes such as OS 10 on some comptuers that arent mine... :-D.... Is there anything like VMWare's Workstation (which is PC) for the Mac?
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    ooopsss goto the reply to njspartan's Q about file sharing