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    10.6 Finder Not Showing Permissions

    My office uses a G5 running Mac Server 10.4 with an external RAID for document storage. ACL's are set up on the volumes that are shared from this RAID device, so that specific users have overriding managerial access. The other machines in the office are a mix of Mac OS 10.5 and 10.6 iMacs, and...
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    Preview's default Page Setup

    In my office, we use an 11x17 sheet size for many of our prints, but it is tedious and frustrating to deal with Preview, as it takes any PDF it opens and changes the page setup to scale it to fit onto a regular letter-size page. Even if the original application has the page setup correctly...
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    AFP file locking missing?

    Up until the end of 2005, our office worked on a number of Macs networked together without an actual "server". We just installed our server and are now ready to migrate our data onto its share points, but I do not want to do so until I know that FILE LOCKING works the way we need it to. With...
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    Network Browser Empty

    We recently purchased a Xerox 8500N printer and hooked it up to our Ethernet LAN. Since then, the "Network" browser built into Finder has functioned differently, showing a folder labeled "Local" and one labeled "Workgroup", where previously it simply showed all the connected computers. The...
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    Mounting a Volume Across Lan

    I have partitioned a few hard drives on the iMac G5's in my office, to create "ignore ownership" volumes available to all, and am attempting to create Sidebar access to the common volumes. While this has worked on other machines, for some reason it doesn't on one particular iMac...