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  1. iconara

    Undeletable files with strange names

    Thank you both for your suggestions. But the stuffit solution has this problem: even if I stuff it, I will have the original copy left, and the sudo rm bit I have alread tried. rm, mv, ls, none of them can work with the file. The message I get is this: rm: cannot lstat `temporary/<ugly...
  2. iconara

    Undeletable files with strange names

    Hello, I have an annoying problem. I have a file with strange characters in the filename that can't be deleted. When I downloaded files from an ftp-server whose names contained characters like å, ä, ö (common in Sweden). Now all files containing such a character got a strange name (which is...
  3. iconara

    PHP and Cocoa?

    Someone asked for it:
  4. iconara

    HD partition as home folder

    You can also use "/Developer/Tools/SetFileInfo -a V /Volumes/partitionname" or if it was "-a v" can't remember. Requires the DevTools theo
  5. iconara

    Opensource vs. Safari

    No, you can't add tabs. Period. Apple could have been nicer to us. Theo/Iconara
  6. iconara

    obj-c and . notation

    it was probably more like this: [reciever method].something.something where the method returns a C-struct, which uses dot-notation. but you seem to have figured it out already theo/iconara
  7. iconara

    Opensource vs. Safari

    So Apple has released a web browser. And a fast one. Great. And it's opensource? Great! But wait a second. Something seems not really right here. Aha. Safari is NOT open source. But two of the frameworks it links to are... that's nice. But not that nice. Both WebCore and JavaScriptCore are...
  8. iconara

    Project Builder & Java Packages Build problem

    You're trying to build it as a C-program. Create a new project and make sure that you select Java application (under Pure Java) as the type. Then drag the source to project builder and compile. I still recommend ant ( as the tool of choice for Java development. theo
  9. iconara

    Project Builder & Java Packages Build problem

    you seem to have done something wrong. I don't know what, but try to delete all the files from the project and then just drag and drop the directory that contains the package hierarchy from the finder onto the project. now it should work, otherwise you have done something very odd somewhere...
  10. iconara

    Compiling CenterICQ

    I have a hard time installing CenterICQ (, which is said to compile on Mac OS X. For me, however, it doesn't... The latest version is 4.8.7, it requires ncurses (installed in jaguar), libsigc++ 1.0 (which finally compiled...) and glib (found on Now why...
  11. iconara

    HELP: I have no idea how to compile!

    You could start with Python or Java. The Python download is not so big, and I think you have Java on your system without the devtools. Check for Python. BBEdit can't compile, it can only edit files. yours, Theo
  12. iconara

    HD partition as home folder

    The problem with the LABEL thing is that the disks still show up in finder and under /Volumes. It is very irritating... I want my other partitions to be invisible... This is my setup: Three partitions of the same disk - 5Gb partition for / (the base system) - 10Gb partition for...
  13. iconara

    Writing PB Apps in Perl

    What you're looking for is CamelBones: But it's really not finished yet. There is also a PyObjC, Python bridge for Objective-C, and some others. Check this: theo
  14. iconara

    Sorting an NSOutlineView?

    it would be the same (the first line). if that doesn't work, I suggest looking at the documentation for NSOutlineView, at the bottom, there all the notifications and delegate methods should be listed. theo
  15. iconara

    Sorting an NSOutlineView?

    NSOutlineView is a subclass of NSTextView, so it will probably work just fine. theo
  16. iconara

    Newbie Help

    don't mess about, objective-c is the way to go.
  17. iconara

    What to use for writing a _simple_ backup solution?

    There's an article at MacDevCenter about ditto and rsync in combination with cron: theo
  18. iconara

    JAVA and Jaguar

    Try creating a BufferedImage with TYPE_INT_RGBA (or is it ARGB?) in Java for Mac OS X. You get an exception, but not any exception, this exception has a message: "Finalize this". That is how good Java 1.3.1 is in Mac OS X. But graphics are fast. Very fast in some cases. I wouldn't expect...
  19. iconara

    "switching" NSStrings

    I thought that: if ( reference == c1 ) { // case1 } else if ( reference == c2 ) { // case2 } else { // default } would compile into roughly the same as switch ( reference ) { case c1: // case1 break; case c2: // case2...
  20. iconara

    "switching" NSStrings

    not so much anymore, but it's my favourite too. I had one for years, I ran photoshop 4 on it, without a problem... then I switched to a G3/300... quite a leap in speed, but I still have the LC475... now I'm on a dual G4/450 and moving on to a TiBook/667. It wasn't actually a 475, really, it...