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    how is performance of 10.2.3 on 233/266/333 iMac?

    I'm an IT consultant who speaks both Mac & M$ fluently. The office manager at one of my customers wants to replace her old iMacs with PC's; the 3 partners at the law firm are quite happy with their TiBooks, and of course with the fact that their IT support bills are so low. The office manager...
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    replacement for at ease?

    never thought i'd be doing this, but i've got a 3 year old daughter and i'd like to give her a login for OSX. of course, it's more safe than an os9 login, but are there any options like the old AT EASE program, which would give her a few icons to click on for her learning games? she doesn't...
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    macosX horrible crashes (help if you can)

    1) memory access exception (1,0,0) Waiting for remote debugger connection options ---- type continue - c reboot - r doesn't respond to c or r, have to reboot from cd and reselect macos 9 to get g4 to boot 2) panic: We are hanging here... no baloney! 3) also had 2 * 60gb ibm...
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    can you change where home directories are located?

    i set up my hard drive into 4 partitions: os9, osx, server, and data. i would like to relocate my home directories to the data volume. is there a config file or preference that i can change to get this to work?
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    video resolution issue

    how do I set my video resolution to 1152x864? every other time I boot 9.x, my video card re-finds this resolution. but it's not an option in 9.21 nor in 10.04
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    where are all the drivers?

    Today I finally broke down and paid $130 for my copy of Mac OS X (mac'-oh-sex') I knew that there were a bunch of things that wouldn't work right out of the gate, even though I recently bought a used G4/350. 1) no Digidesign digi001 drivers, and no osX compliant ProTools 2) no Adaptec...