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    Mac AMP Lite X (MaltX)

    This app is cool , only thing not cool is it expires 14 days, they should make it free forever but u pay for pro features. Would like an equalizer. Mpegtoaster is KING of lo cpu usage but also KING of boring. Audion is where my heart is, but this app is cool too, I will use it next to...
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    WWDC News!

    Quartz Extreme is very ironic and is a kick in the face to us G3 people. Apple was meant to be giving us a speed fix for use slower machines but instead they give speed increases to already fast machines! And no I will not buy a new mac cause right now whats on offer sux, and I can see...
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    WWDC News!

    YES!!! Quartz Extreme: Takes the compositing engine in Quartz, and accelerates it in graphics cards. Combines 2D, 3D and video in one hardware pipeline via OpenGL. "Everything on the screen is being drawn in hardware by OpenGL." Requires AGP 2x and 32MB of video RAM. Now all I need...
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    How can Apple justify their prices when they have fallen to far behind?!

    Guys I dont hate macs, I love them, thing is I want to buy a new one but by looking at what they come with and what they cost, lead me to this thread... I LOVE MACS, but I complain in order for someone at apple to read this and think and hear what we know...
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    WWDC News!

    Isn't multithreading multiple cpu support? doesnt osx already tout this?
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    How can Apple justify their prices when they have fallen to far behind?!

    Guys I am a mac head, have always been, but lets face the facts AMD kicks any g4's ass in 3D games, 3D applications, Photoshop, and now Digital editing. I need a new computer but everyone who does DV or 3D modelling says if you want to get serious buy an AMD system... WTF, since when did apple...
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    iPhoto 1.1

    SimX is right its definietly out... You watch apple release a PRO iphoto account where you have to pay for this feature :(
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    BEST tv card for mac

    Formac has some good stuff, you might want to look them up.
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    iPhoto 1.1

    What happened to the iphoto function where you could select a picture and "publish" it on your own @mac web page? It was the best feature and the only reason why I ever used iPHOTO... Please someone tell me its still there but under a different tab! I hope apple isnt thinking of charging us...
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    Lightwave 7.5 update available!!! I have read great things about it for osx giving TRUE DP support and giving AMD 1.6 ghz chips a run for their money or even surpassing it with a dual 1 ghz G4..
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    First Post! nyah nyah

    Dark3LF what exactly are your doing in the terminal in those osx pics? It looks like you are chatting with someone. It looks like fun can you allaborate for me on what it is and how you are doing it?
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    iMac, MacOSX and Sleep

    Same here, my G3 b/w wont sleep. Hey wasn't there talk of another feature like sleep called "Dream"? Where a mac could be in sleep mode but process stuff like 3D rendering or movie encoding?