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    Disable transperacy in OS X?

    There is a utility called "Visage" that allows you to customize some things, including transparency. Check it out at If it is THAT slow you should stick to OS9, until most software really works native under OSX.
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    Quicktime Streaming Server basics

    I just installed the server on Mac OS X 10.1. The admin functions work fine, but I cannot find any info on how to access playlists from a web browser, iTunes or QT player. I know it is a very basic question, but when the server is running what URL do you have to type to access the media it is...
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    WebObjects 4.5 and OSX Server 10.1

    I cannot manage to install that version onto MacOSX Server: does anyone know if it is possible to use that version or if one has to use version 5?
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    FTP directories strategy

    I am trying to set up an FTP service where anonymous users and registered "staff" users have access to a different directory structure. I want anonymous users to see only one directory and not be able to go to the root and see all shares, whereas I would like registered users to see other...
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    You probably have to zap the PRAM. I don't remember the exact keys, but you have to reboot holding down a sequence of keys. A similar thing happened to me when I installed LINUX, I reformatted the drive and could not even boot from the CD. Zapping PRAM solved it. Good luck!
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    Splitting Question !

    I don't know that there is any utility that allows you to do it with more than 3 partitions, but by first optimizing the disk with Norton (using the old scheme: making free space only on one side of the disk) and using Hard Disk ToolKit I once managed to squeeze a partition on the drive without...
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    Booting from removable drives

    Did anybody manage to boot MacOS X Beta from a removable drive, such as a Jaz?