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    I need some help. I want to use Cocoa to develop apps and I know enough about how to use project/interface builder to do so and i am very experiences in C and the Carbon toolbox. What I want is to perform a function repeatedly every n milliseconds, but how can I do this since control of the...
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    Differences Between MacOSX and other UNIX's

    Does MacOSX implement diffrerent init levels? Aolaris I think uses 6, but as far as I can see MacOS X only uses them right at the end of booting up. What's the deal with it? How else is it different to normal unix's in sucha fundamental way?
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    how do you include the standard libsocket.a type thing on os x???? we have a program that works fine on redhat, solaris. but not OS-X is there a framework which should be included?
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    How to change hostname?

    How do I change the hostname in MacOSX from 'localhost' to something of my choice? I tried editing some of the scripts in /etc but they claim that hostname is maintained by the System Preferences panels. I also want the hostname to appear at he login window as it did in the Public Beta (I was...
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    What on earth is this???

    I just found this MacOSX Screen Shot on the web. What does this mean? Is there now a remote protocol like X-Windows for for Quartz running aqua? I'm just confused. I understand how X-Works and how Quartz works but what is this?
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    CDs/Removables No Longer Mount!

    I have been using the public beta since december. Recently all removable disks have stopped working completely for some reason - now whenever I insert a CD or Zip disk it no longer appears alongside other internal disks, not even on the desktop. As far as I know I haven't changed any settings...
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    Internal Modem B&W G3 300 Sound?

    Hi, I know the Public Beta is ages old in terms of OSX Development, and I'll have OSX 1.0 in a few weeks, but has anybody else experienced a completely unfunctional internal modem which works perfectly under the old MacOS, but under OSX, internet apps (Mail, IE, Fire etc...) don't recognise that...
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    Two Installers?

    With the MacOSX 1.0 install does anybody know or have any well informed predictions about whether we will have to install MacOS 9.1 from a separate CD-ROM in the OSX Box or will Classic be preconfig'd when I install OSX? I'm only asking because currently I run MacOS 8.5 and Beta on two...
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    Can't Even Install OSX

    Whenever I try to install MacOSX from my CD, I launch the installer and it claims that due to an error of -2, System Disk could not set the CD as the startup drive. I tried various commands in Open Firmware to boot from the CD-ROM as well as restarting holding down the 'C' key, but to no avail...
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    Open Firmware Settings

    I have made a foolish error with System Disk in normal MacOS. I changed my settings for boot-device I think and now my system won't boot at all. If I zap the PRAM this doesn't really help at all, it still displays the flashing ? on a folder icon. Without starting up from a CD (IE I need to use...
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    MacOS 9 Required for Install?

    The OSX Install Manual assumes you have MacOS 9, however I want to install OSX on my machine with MacOS 8.5.1 (I realise I won't be able to use Classic Mode) Is this possible / are there any problems with it? Also do you have to install the Beta from the CD or can you do it by copying the...