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    Microsoft's portable device

    First off, the origami is the 2006 version of the Newton. Remember the marketing videos? Most importantly, did you notice the Mac mini in the video? Approximately 10 seconds into the video, when the actress plugs in her guitar and changes the amp volume, right below the amp is a Mac mini. It...
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    2 iods on 1 computer???

    Not a problem. You can set preferences in iTunes for each individual iPod. For example, you could set your 60gb to sync all songs and have the shuffle only sync a single playlist. Tim
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    WoW patch issues

    I agree. Delete the World of Warcraft folder, re-install from the original media, and re-patch. Your characters are stored on the realm servers so you will not lose them. The only thing you will lose are some interface preferences like 'show buff duration'. Good luck and see you online! Tim
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    Colour iPod (merged thread)

    I can only confirm part of this: On the iPod photo, you can select a playlist to play during the slideshow. You can also copy the settings from iPhoto. I don't know if you can select a single song from the iPod photo. I don't know about the photo album. Nothing is said in the user guide...
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    Colour iPod (merged thread)

    Sure enough. Page 33 of the Getting Started manual states that the AV cable can be connected to either the headphones port on the iPod photo or the Line Out port on the dock. Good catch. By the way, the docs also say you can watch slideshows with photos and music. Cool. Tim
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    Colour iPod (merged thread)

    The Apple Store Mayfair (Wauwatosa, WI) has about a dozen iPod photo 60GB in stock tonight. I grabbed one immediately. The cashier said I was the first to buy. :) The color screen is great. The GUI is very Panther-like: platinum title bar and spinning spoke wheel (whatever it is called). The...
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    GMail Invites

    send me a request at tim
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    What is your Powerbook Battery life number?

    IOBatteryInfo" = ({"Capacity"=3944,"Amperage"=1200,"Current"=3868,"Voltage"=1239$ Al PowerBook purchased in Jan '04
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    Need help opening an Aluminum 15" Powerbook

    Thanks, I got it. But I did mark up the drive bay a bit... Tim
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    Need help opening an Aluminum 15" Powerbook

    Does anyone have some good pictures of what the latches over the DVD drive look like? I can't seem to catch them with my screwdriver. I have visited these two sites, but they don't give enough info of how the latches work:
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    World Of Warcraft

    Count me in. I'm currently playing Star Wars Galaxies, but I'm willing to give up my wookie bounty hunter for a WoW character on day one.
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    ADC woes...

    Apple's DVI -> ADC adapter will do the trick. I am using a Windows XP box at work successfully with a Cinema Display 22". Tim
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    Graphic card adapters

    If you have an DVI connector, the $99 Apple DVI -> ADC converter is great. If you only have a VGA connector, Gefen makes a VGA -> ADC for $299. Tim
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    How do I delete the files on my iPod?

    The iPod Software Updater allows you to reformat the iPod (removing all music and files). Get it at: Tim
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    Will Airport Extreme work with my Power Mac?

    You can put a standard AirPort card in the Dual 867. This card will then work with any AirPort or AirPort Extreme base station. But don't forget, the original AirPort max speed is 11Mb (as opposed to the AirPort Extreme max speed of 54Mb). Apple has not delivered an AirPort Extreme card in...
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    Upgrading My Video Card

    I'm afraid not. Notebook computers are not typically built to allow for video card upgrades. Tim
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    Who is portscanning me?

    I assume your firewall is reporting the IP address of the device performing the port scan on your computer. You are then attempting to identify the DNS-registered host name associated with this IP address. It is very unlikely that a server with a DNS-registered host name is running a port...
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    iPhoto 4 X 6 Printing??????

    This drove me nuts for the longest time. :) This Apple support document is old, but the instructions are still correct: Good luck! Tim
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    Dungeon Siege Cross-Platform?

    It is actually a Microsoft issue, again. Included in Microsoft's DirectX game development tools is a network component called DirectPlay. It performs all of the network work for multiplayer games. Microsoft will not allow this tool to ported to other platforms. When any game that uses...
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    Given what you plan to do with the new laptop, you could go with any of the Apple's current models. I have the iBook 800 12" w/ 384MB and have found very little that it cannot do. I have played EverQuest, WarCraft III, Return to Castle Wolfenstein, Freedom Force, etc. without any difficulty...