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    Mail accounts lost after 10.0.4 upgrade

    Guys, on my home iMac all Mail accounts setup in the Mail App have disappeared after upgrading to 10.0.4. :( Now when I click on Mail it says there are no accounts configured and asks me to setup an account or Quit. This is really annoying as I had several accounts setup and was...
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    10.0.4 "cannot be installed on this computer"

    Guys, wierd one - on a G3 with 256 mb RAM and loads of HD free - I got the following message on trying to install the 10.0.4 upgrade. I opened Terminal and checked version no. - Darwin Kernel Version 1.3 Installed 10.0.3 no problem several weeks ago. Anyone had similar problems and...
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    IE doesn't kick off dialup

    Hey guys, I have installed OSX on my iMac DV+ Ruby (450mhz - 192 mb RAM). The interface is great and I've got IE, Mail and PPP Connect configured so I can browse and send and receive mail. The only quibble is I can't figure out how to get IE to force PPP Connect to dial out - I have to do...
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    Epson printer not working in OSX

    This is probably a well known issue by now but my Epson Stylus 760 isn't recognised by the Print Centre as it is a USB device and Epson haven't yet written OSX USB drivers for their printers. This is partly understandable as OSX is still beta but it's a real pain in the neck (and other...