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    Hard Drive Space

    This calculation is not right! 40GB means 40*1024*1024*1024 = 43 000 000 000 bytes! When you format the drive some space is allocated for drive directories/databases and drivers. And a 40GB harddrive is not exactly 40GB anyway. It's just a rounded value instead of saying like 39.1 GB.
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    good question I think?

    Nope, Aqua is only available for PPC (Macs). It's not ported to Darwin for x86. And that will probably never happen...
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    Where *else* to get 10.1?

    I ltalked to my local compUSA in San Rafael. They were not going to carry the upgrade. He called Apple and he said that they would make it available as a donwloadable online. It didn't seems like the guy knew what he was talking about so I didn't really trust his judgement. I later called Apple...
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    OS X 10.2 Codename Taja

    I'm sure you are not a developer yourself or you haven't worked on any bigger ongoing project. You set goals for future version but you don't develop on features which are going to be in a three versions later. That's not how it works. Comapanies have different ways of doing things but this is...