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    Classic Woes

    Any ideas? This is really killing me.
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    Classic Woes

    Okay so here is my problem: I start up classic, which is run off a different partition (9.2.2) Classic launches but immediately quits before it finishes. But the partition starts up fine. Any idea what is wrong and how i can fix it?
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    Chimera hits 0.28

    I like Chimera -- I think it renders pages quite nicely. Omniweb is still much 'prettier' with the aqua elements and such, but Chimera is much faster. HOWEVER - 0.28 is VERY unstable. I have been using chimera all night and it has crashed probably 12 times. 0.27 seemed a lot more stable.
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    In-Depth Look at Jaguar, with tons of screenshots!

    Anybody have the pictures saved and they could email them to me or place them in their idisk? The person's itools account got 'suspended due to excessive bandwidth use'. I really want to see them :D My email is Or just post here if you decide to put them in...
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    cgi and Apache

    Have you checked the permissons? You have to make sure that they are executable by other people than just the owner. (I don't know a lot of this topic, and it probably depends on the types of scripts your using) Just a thought,
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    This is a stupid question, but as I said before I know nothing of Unix. How does one login as root? Thanx in advance,
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    Hey all - I was wondering if anyone knew where a prebuilt Apache server for OS X / OS 9 was. If not, is there a guide availible that would teach me how to compile it / install it, and do all the configuration? I currently know almost nothing about Unix, so any help would be appreciated...
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    Internet through airport?

    Hi All - I have a Powerbook g3 2000, and I'm connected through an airport card to the internet via a cable modem. I was wondering if anyone has discovered / found out a way to get me onto my old network with my airport card on OSX, so that I can get onto the internet with it. I'm pretty...
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    Web Deisgn

    Thank you both for the replies, I see what your getting at. Thanks for the information about tables. Sorry I haven't replied to this thread earlier, but my cable has been down over a week. (Still is, i'm logged in through a ppp) Thanks again -G-
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    Web Deisgn

    Hey all - Recently i've been developing my own personal website, and it was coming along nicely. I just ordered OSX, and was eager to preview my website in Internet Explorer 5 beta, and OmniWeb. In IE 5, most things stayed in their preferred format, but some things were still moved...