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    Strange Interface Builder hacks

    re: nibs and resources -- different OS's do make information like that available in different ways to edit, in varying degrees of course. You can do a lot of interesting tweaks with the Registry Editor on Windows, for example. The version of IE 5 (for windows) I downloaded turned out to be one...
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    Strange Interface Builder hacks

    It's unknown if the "Show package contents" will be in the final release. Since a package is just a directory on the file system, any command line tools or third party things that make improper calls (ie, Java apps that implement their own open|save dialogs), all of those files are available to...
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    Pipe MacOS stuff through Unix with Terminal services!

    Services (of the Cocoa\NeXTStep variety) might not (yet) be available to Carbon applications. I haven't seen them in any yet. :\
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    Aqua Icon Builder

    Ars Technica has some great articles about Mac OS X. gives a good overview. There are less vectors than you think (but there's room for them. See the new QuickTime player and watch how the arch at the bottom (under the...
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    Classic Software That works/doesn't work

    softwindows works? wow. i wonder about Virtual PC. (I have a beige G3 as my main machine at work, with a windows 2000 machine next to it that is seldom used except for a couple of old IIS specific sites that are still needed on rare occasion. I'm getting rid of that machine though and...
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    Why is MacOs X PB so slow

    Classic is naturally going to be slower, and drive RAM usage waaay waay up (since most or all of Mac OS 9 has to be loaded, emulated, along with whatever applications are running inside Classic). Classic has gotten better and better with each developer release of Mac OS X though. But I will be...
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    X won't install on either of our Beige G3s

    On the Beige G3 (revB's), Apple did an arguably stupid thing by putting the CD-ROM on their IDE expansion chain. All of the Mac OS X family since Mac OS X Server has liked to start up off of a master drive. Since the CD's that install Mac OS X run as Mac OS X (same goes for Server), the CD-ROM...
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    cxx,gcc, or any other c compiler

    Ars Technica posted this link to an article at Maximum Linux about getting the command line compiler tools from the Darwin project into the Public Beta. Also, it's been mentioned that in October, Online members at Apples Developer Connection will be able to download all of the developer...