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    IP forwarding?

    I understand, no problem. Well maybe one problem. What do I put for the public port and private port? Or Where do I find out what port numbers to put in? Thank again!!!
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    IP forwarding?

    I dont know all the proper terminology, but I have an airport base station connected to my ethernet hub which is allocating IP addy to my two machines (so both can be on the net when Im only allowed one IP from my server). Questions is; How can I get the airport (functioning as a router) to...
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    is this site dying?

    I concur. A live chat section would be cool too once it is practical to use in OSX.
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    help w/ CLI logouts

    Is it possible to logout completely through the CLI without it just exiting your particular terminal session? Sometimes X wont let me logout through the menu or the key combo and I have to restart the machine to just logout. I can logout if I kill the login window app from the terminal, but...
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    Things Apple forgot in OS X

    You can have multiple desktops in the current PB, although its real basic and not completely functional. Just create multiple copies of the and then lunch them and switch between them (put additional desktops in the dock to switch between them with ease)(you will need root for the...
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    virtual desktops like Linux

    I found this little morsel at which seems to suggest that you could have multipule desktops open at once. I havent tried it yet (I will tonight), but it looks like you could be logged in as multipule users at once each with their own desktop space. SWEET! Man...
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    setting up ftp

    Thanks dude, Ive done all that, but the users I add to ftpchroot dont seem to be restricted to their home directory. So either there is a different syntax needed or somthing else is not configured correctly. Do you have it working properly yet? Im off to do some more reading in the 'man'...
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    setting up ftp

    cool, I dont have a ftpchroot in /etc. So I just make it and add the users to the file, right? So does this file need any certain sytax structure or is it just their names? Also how can you specify which directory for each user? I assume adding them to the ftpchroot file restricts them to...
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    setting up ftp

    I have ftp up and running with other users in addition to an anonymous user. How can i restrict each user (including anonymous) to a particular directory? Right now when they log in, they go to their home directory, but they just can back up all the way and see all my drives. Any suggestions?
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    Drop Into the Consol

    cool stuff dude. Please post more tricks as you find them. tschuss