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    how can i access the file menu through the keyboard???

    I completely agree... If anyone every finds out let eveyone know. I was just trying to do that yesterday.
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    Explorer & Classic craziness!!

    In OSX Everytime I download a .sit.hqx file which is most of the time... Carbon Explorer automatically opens the classic stuffit. I've tried changing the setting in Explorer but they don't seem to be working... I'm going insane here stoping classic from opening every time I download a file!!!
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    Software and Games for Mac OS X

    ruzz, I've actually tried just that. I had to copy the quake folder from the cd to my hd and then run the Omniport... The program opens like it's going to work but then it freezes with a yellow screen. The screen that is the backdrop for the little iD software stamping effect at startup...
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    iSub with OS X?

    I'm sure there will be suport in the final but there isn't in the beta. that's my number one problem. iMac speakers sound terrible without an iSub. :(