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    iTunes batch key word assignments -Help!

    Greetings everyone. I don't see this great question addressed anywhere... How can I batch-add key words into some field in the ID3 tag, without erasing what's already there? For example, say I want to add key words (at various times) to the Comments field (or the Groupings field or any...
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    iTunes: a How-To ques., re file maint. & Library

    You're great, man! Thanks for the script. I look fwd to trying it. As for the missing Comments, if no one else catches the question and answers it here, I'll post it later as a separate question. Thanks again, Larry
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    iTunes: a How-To ques., re file maint. & Library

    Thank you, Mikuro. You mention that changing file names and and moving files around will automatically get noted & updated in the iTunes Library (if changes are made while iTunes is open). But it apparently does not delete entries in the iTunes Library when a song file is deleted from the...
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    iTunes: a How-To ques., re file maint. & Library

    Basic question: Is there a way to update my Library simply by trashing it and re-importing the data (from my music files, which are not kept in iTunes), without losing my playlists? If not, any thoughts on an easy way to keep the Library up-to-date as I ongoingly do maintenance on my...
  5. C Mug (was: Shame on MacOSX for Emailing Me)

    Well, now that you've all had a good laugh at my original post with the huge type, well, so did I! Of course the type was outlandishly huge... couldn't agree more. But I'm not a big poster here, not very familiar with how to get the window to look right. So I saw what appeared to be a way to...
  6. C Mug (was: Shame on MacOSX for Emailing Me)

    I do NOT appreciate being spammed by this site. Shame on this forum for shamelessly spamming its members to hawk a TEE SHIRT, for god's sake. CUT IT OUT.
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    TextEdit: How can I stop it printing a blank, unneeded 2nd page?

    Hey SuperBob! I am embarrassed to say I did not think to try trashing the TextEdit preferences... And you, you are a hero. After following your advice, I no longer get that second (blank) page. Thanks! Larry
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    TextEdit: How can I stop it printing a blank, unneeded 2nd page?

    I use a Brother laser printer. I have worked at length with their support dept to resolve this bug. After much troubleshooting and running tests, we discovered this only happens with TextEdit, and the Brother Company concluded this is a problem on Apple's end. Can anyone help? The problem...
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    Need a decryption program... Help!

    First, does anyone have a suggestion as to where, exactly (on this forum or even elsewhere), I should post this question to get the most exposure and enhance my chances of getting an answer? Second, and here's the question, does anyone know of any program I could use to decrypt and open old...
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    iTunes user to sue Apple

    Pardon me for grinning! Not sure why... maybe a tinge of irony there.
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    iPhoto troubles in Tiger 10.4.0

    I too lost an hour's work on a slideshow because iPhoto crashed under Tiger. What seems incredible to me--and maybe someone can enlighten me--is that you cannot Save in iPhoto! By trial and error, I see to get it to save by quitting the program. So after the crash, and being unable to Save...
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    Tiger wish list - feel free to add to it

    First, you CAN save mail messages to the desktop... just do a Save AS on any piece of mail, and it is automatically put into a TextEdit document. Very spiffy... headers, pictures, formatting, links and all. Drag and drop would be nice, but SaveAs has a quick keyboard hot key... As for our...
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    does anyone USE spotlight?

    In answer to your question, I almost never use it, because the regular Find (Command-F) seems to do the same thing, or close to it. If I may add this: I cannot possibly be the only one who misses the simple, adequate Find of System 9. Especially when we have Spotlight for more powerful...
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    Alternative to iTunes??

    MrNivit1: I just can't thank you enough for this recommendation!!! Audion, at first glance, looks like everything I wanted in an MP3 alternative to iTunes. It appears to avoid all the things in my original list that I didn't like in iTunes. It will be so nice not to have that huge iTunes...
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    Alternative to iTunes??

    Can anyone recommend an mp3 player alternative to iTunes, that works on OS x? I have in mind something like the old SoundJam (and yes, I already know the SJ creators designed iTunes). Something simple, quick & easy. To help you understand what I'm looking for, I'll tell you what I don't...
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    Trivial complaint: Yes or No questions, no Yes or No buttons??

    Trivial, in a way... but why does Apple program its software to ask yes or no questions in pop-up dialog boxes, and then not offer a yes or no choice? For example, in making a Reply in this forum, I hit Send and a popup asked if I wanted to request a receipt for the message. But the only two...
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    Question on how iTunes works

    I am reconfiguring my system of internal and external hard drives, in anticipation of a switch from Sys 9 to Sys X. I have 125 gigs of music on an external hard drive. I want to put Sys X on a 60-gig internal hard drive. Will I be in trouble when I switch to Sys X because I have more...
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    iTunes user to sue Apple

    Forget the legal issues, I find it interesting that Mac users would be so down on the proprietary antics of Microsoft, and then turn right around and think it's just fine that Apple does the same thing. I REFUSE to purchase any song from the Apple Store because they do NOT sell mp3s, they sell a...