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  1. Ceroc Addict

    iPhone to support Web 2.0 Apps

    SJ stands in front of his main developer's conference - where he regularly mouths "Thank you all for the amazing contributions you're making to the Mac" - and says "Here's this brand new platform, with a full OS, but no sdk for you". If I'd been there, I'd have booed him off the stage.
  2. Ceroc Addict

    AppleTV - what's the point?

    I just don't get the AppleTV. I'd buy one in a second if one of the following were true: * I could plug in an EyeTV hybrid to the USB port to record live TV. * It had at least the web browsing/email/widget capabilities of a stripped down Mac mini * It acted as an AE basestation to connect at...
  3. Ceroc Addict

    MacWorld Expo 2007 summary

    Ok, so the keynote basically focussed on just two products: 1) Apple TV - Lets you stream music/photos/video to a TV via Wi-Fi. 2) iPhone - Stores/plays music/photos/video and has Wi-Fi. So surely, the "one more thing" moment should have been a demonstration of these two things working...
  4. Ceroc Addict

    MacWorld Expo 2007 summary

    Definitely getting an iPhone - if it ever makes it to Australia :-( 5 points of the keynote that left me wondering though: 1. Agree with fryke - what are the developer options? Surely one of the huge strengths of having "OS X" on the device is that there's already a large development...
  5. Ceroc Addict

    Inserting a shape into a table cell in Pages

    Tried for an hour to insert a shape into a table cell in Pages. When I had the cursor inside the cell, the Insert -> Shape menu was greyed out. When I created the shape outside the table and tried to drag it in, the shape becomes the background image of the cell (and fills the cell...
  6. Ceroc Addict

    Converting videos to amv

    Anyone know of any programs for "OS X" that will convert video to amv? Kap
  7. Ceroc Addict


    I've recently heard of a new device from Sony called the mylo: Looks like it could be great. Has anyone heard whether it'll be Mac compatible? Kap
  8. Ceroc Addict

    The Mac Pro is here... not so impressive?

    No remote control or built in camera. Heh. Kap
  9. Ceroc Addict

    HTML/ Java in iWeb?

    Don't think you can do this in iWeb. Of course, there's nothing to stop you from publishing the site to a directory and inserting the code yourself. Kap
  10. Ceroc Addict

    WWDC 2006 keynote

    You can already get it for free - streaming. Kap
  11. Ceroc Addict

    WWDC 2006 keynote

    What I don't understand is why Apple just doesn't sell the video of the keynote from the iTMS. Hell, I'd be willing to pay for it (and I told them so, via Apple's feedback site) to get a non-streaming version asap. Kap
  12. Ceroc Addict

    WWDC 2006 keynote

    There was a WWDC not that long ago in which everyone in the audience got a free iSight camera. The next year, I believe they got nada. Kap
  13. Ceroc Addict

    What phones play video playable on the iPod video

    I'm thinking of buying a new phone. Are there any phones that will play video already formatted for the iPod video? Kap
  14. Ceroc Addict

    Taking a dive

  15. Ceroc Addict

    Opening vs Editing a document

    Ok, what if I rephrase the question to: Is there any way of assigning a keyboard shortcut to an Automator plug-in ? Kap