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    Thank you for all your help. I have now got the problem sorted - I was leaving some parts of some data structures incorrectly filled out. I appologise also for not responding sooner because for some reason I wasn't allowed to re-post something to do with cookie problems... Cheers! DAVE
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    I have absolutely no problems with the application compiling and linking, I get a runnable application, except whenever it tried to call bind() the application fails... Running it as root to avoid potential refusal of sockets didn't help either. What could be causing for this? I have run out...
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    I need some help. I want to use Cocoa to develop apps and I know enough about how to use project/interface builder to do so and i am very experiences in C and the Carbon toolbox. What I want is to perform a function repeatedly every n milliseconds, but how can I do this since control of the...
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    Differences Between MacOSX and other UNIX's

    Does MacOSX implement diffrerent init levels? Aolaris I think uses 6, but as far as I can see MacOS X only uses them right at the end of booting up. What's the deal with it? How else is it different to normal unix's in sucha fundamental way?
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    Nope, neither of those work. I can't seem to find a library in /etc/lib that is anything to do with sockets. On Solaris it's called socket.a I think. How do we MacOSX users get to compile programs using Berkeley Sockets -help me because my Solairis Mates are mocking OSX! I have got...
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    how do you include the standard libsocket.a type thing on os x???? we have a program that works fine on redhat, solaris. but not OS-X is there a framework which should be included?
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    How to change hostname?

    How do I change the hostname in MacOSX from 'localhost' to something of my choice? I tried editing some of the scripts in /etc but they claim that hostname is maintained by the System Preferences panels. I also want the hostname to appear at he login window as it did in the Public Beta (I was...
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    command line book

    If you buy any BSD book it'll tell you pretty much any thing you want about how to use the command line - I found that for people like myself who vaiguely knew how to use UNIX, the best book to buy was O'Reilly's "UNIX in a nutshell book", it gives detailed instructions for almoste every...
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    What on earth is this???

    I feel so stupid not noticing it was a scrren shot - I was just going mad I think. I use xv all the time under Solaris damn it! Dave
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    What on earth is this???

    I just found this MacOSX Screen Shot on the web. What does this mean? Is there now a remote protocol like X-Windows for for Quartz running aqua? I'm just confused. I understand how X-Works and how Quartz works but what is this?
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    CDs/Removables No Longer Mount!

    I have been using the public beta since december. Recently all removable disks have stopped working completely for some reason - now whenever I insert a CD or Zip disk it no longer appears alongside other internal disks, not even on the desktop. As far as I know I haven't changed any settings...
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    boot trouble

    I got this when I had a nightmare playing around with the public beta... It happened when I tried to copy the contents of the public beta CD-ROM onto another volume and then boot from that volume. It's a bad idea because clearly when MacOSX files are copied to a HFS disk something is lost which...
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    Internal Modem B&W G3 300 Sound?

    Hi, I know the Public Beta is ages old in terms of OSX Development, and I'll have OSX 1.0 in a few weeks, but has anybody else experienced a completely unfunctional internal modem which works perfectly under the old MacOS, but under OSX, internet apps (Mail, IE, Fire etc...) don't recognise that...
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    Two Installers?

    With the MacOSX 1.0 install does anybody know or have any well informed predictions about whether we will have to install MacOS 9.1 from a separate CD-ROM in the OSX Box or will Classic be preconfig'd when I install OSX? I'm only asking because currently I run MacOS 8.5 and Beta on two...
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    I am fed up!

    Why argue over which OS is more Mac like? OS9 and OSX are both great in their different ways and I'm sure within the next year or so _ALL_ the features missing from OSX that people loved in OS9 will emerge as a result of shareware dev etc... I would expect that just for the nostalgic peeps...
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    Is 8.6 install possible?

    Yes!!! I would think it almost certainly is because I use MacOS X on one disk, but I have MacOS 8.5 on my other disk. I have never experienced any problems except of course that you will not be able to use the Classic environment for older MacOS Programs, but other than that it should work...
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    Can't Even Install OSX

    Thank you for your advice everyone, I'll try restarting with DVD as master and installing after that, I fear that there may be something wrong with my DVD drive though, so I'll also try it with an old IDE CD-ROM if I can find one in an old machine...
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    Can't Even Install OSX

    Yep, My DVD ROM drive is the slave device, I can't set it to master though because when I do the MacOS takes an eternity to boot for some reason with minute long pauses between every few seconds during bootup... Do you reckon there's a fault with my DVD drive then? Dave :-)
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    Can't Even Install OSX

    My System Spec is as follows: 300MHz B&W G3 192Mb RAM IDE (BUS 1) Master 15GB IDE Drive (for X) Slace 6GB IDE Drive (MacOS 8.5.1) IDE (BUS 0) Slave Generic IDE DVD-ROM (Not Apple's) (My DVD insists on being Slave as otherwise it causes severe pauses on startup and can cause it to...
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    Can't Even Install OSX

    Whenever I try to install MacOSX from my CD, I launch the installer and it claims that due to an error of -2, System Disk could not set the CD as the startup drive. I tried various commands in Open Firmware to boot from the CD-ROM as well as restarting holding down the 'C' key, but to no avail...