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  1. emxgarcia

    Java Runtime Environment 1.3.1

    I have visited several sited tat dont work with OS Xs JRE 1.3.1. Sun has just released JRE 13.1_01 for Windows. Now where do we go to update ours? Apple's Java site only has a hotspot fix, bu no mention of the JRE revision. My quetion would be, are these Java2 problems with there browsers...
  2. emxgarcia

    New AppleWorks on OS X only G4

    Hi. I have installed OS X 10.1 on my newly formatted HD and decided NOT to install OS 9. I want the OS X only experience. So how do I go about installing my AppleWorks 6? The problem is that AW6 installers are OS 9 based, which I dont hve in my Mac. Should I install it on an dual...
  3. emxgarcia

    Internet Cafe Management SW

    Hi! I am thinking of setting up an Internet Cafe and would love to use iMacs for very many reasons (from cost thru wow factor). If setup a MacOS X Server I can get some web access management features and report online time so that I can view this and therefore know what to expect on my cash...