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  1. kenaroni

    New System Preferences icon and Charlie Chaplin - Coincidence?

    I looked at this icon for a long time before it finally hit me. What do you think?
  2. kenaroni

    Some things that aren't working in Panther

    As an earlier post reported, the Palm Desktop installer is definitely not working for me. It gets near the end and fails. That's unfortunate because Palm is not famous for their speedy software updates. Also not working for me, and sorely missed, are the multi clipboard tools PTH Pasteboard...
  3. kenaroni

    Automatic FTP file uploading?

    Hey All, I've spent most of the day on Google, searching for some kind of Applescript or FTP program that will do the following: Automatically monitor a folder for a new file modification date and upload that file (with Fetch or whatever) to a specific folder on an FTP site. All this without...
  4. kenaroni

    internet sharing in 10.2 Jag?

    Have any of you using OSX 10.2 had success using the new internet sharing feature found in the Sharing control panel? For my little home network, I've been using "Brickhouse" on an iMac to do net sharing under 10.1. Well I updated to 10.2, hoping things wouldn't get 'broken'. But Brickhouse...
  5. kenaroni

    Revert Firmware back to 4.1.8?

    Hello all, A while back, I had tried out an earlier build of OSX 10.1, and the disc burning feature worked great! (Sony CRX 120E/X Firewire drive). I have since done the firmware upgrade to 4.1.9 (which was quickly pulled by Apple), and I have installed OSX 10.1. Now my Firewire drive isn't...
  6. kenaroni

    Help, Classic is making me nuts!

    I've used OS X builds 4k33, 4k60, 4k73, and I keep having the same problem. Classic will NOT start up unless the extension "Shared Library Manager PPC" is disabled. I discovered this after much narrowing down: Leave it in, Classic will shutdown on starting. Take it out and Classic starts fine...
  7. kenaroni

    more TCP/IP woes

    I previously had OSX installed on the same volume as OS 9 on my Mac G4. The TCP/IP worked just fine. Did some reformatting and this time around I have it on a partitioned drive, and I can\\\'t get it to connect to my office LAN. I triple checked my control panel settings in OSX and they\\\'re...