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  1. ebalch

    Bluetooth Mouse

    I've been using the BT510 for a few days now and it's working real nice so far. Though I can understand how it's not for everyone. It is a bit smaller than other desktop mice but to be honest, I like the size. And as for it being "ugly" I guess that's just a matter of opinion. I like the...
  2. ebalch

    Why did you buy your Mac ?

    Why did I go (back) to Macintosh? NeXTSTEP->OpenStep-> Apple/NeXT Merge ->Rhapsody->Mac OS X also ProjectBuilder, InterfaceBuilder, and now Xcode So it's all about the OS and Dev Tools for me. Though the hardware has been a super-sweet bonus! Of course the NeXT hardware was...
  3. ebalch

    PowerPC is dead. PowerMacs? PowerBooks?

    :eek: OMG I hope not! That would be WAY too depressing.
  4. ebalch

    Find by name using spotlight index

    I realize that this is not an answer to your question but I've seen quite a few people raising the issue that you have and it seems to me that Apple should expand Spotlight prefs to allow you to set the initial filter to a custom one -- that way the base search that anyone performs would be the...
  5. ebalch

    Bluetooth Mouse

    RadTech has a few offerings. The one I liked is the BT510 ( I've only seen pictures but it looks pretty sweet and should complement Apple's hardware nicely. There's also "The Mouse BT" from DVForge ( I have...
  6. ebalch

    I'm pissed. G5 and Bluetooth upgrade issue!!!

    From what I've been told any Apple Certified repair shop can order you the parts you need (and any part you have a part number for for that matter) but it's up to the shop's discression since these are "repair parts". However, sells the kit (screws, antenna, & module) for $99.99...
  7. ebalch

    I'm pissed. G5 and Bluetooth upgrade issue!!!

    It is actually possible to buy the internal Bluetooth module as a service part. Basically, there are three items you need to get: - Bluetooth module, part # 922-6201 - Bluetooth antenna, part # 922-5951 - A set of two screws for the Bluetooth board, part # 922-5846 (Qty 2).
  8. ebalch

    HELP! Need MW Visual SourceSafe for Macintosh Client

    Does anyone have a copy of this hanging around? Or maybe know where I can find it? We're in a real tight bind here. All I need is the client so I can check in/out files from our server. Thanks! email:
  9. ebalch

    VPN PPTP client and sleep

    I just changed the power management settings so my TiBook wouldn't go to sleep when connected to AC. Not ideal but it works.
  10. ebalch

    iChat bug? Added buddies ALWAYS offline

    Yes. Good point. This is possible :) I had forgotten that option even existed on AIM.
  11. ebalch

    X.2: Anyone able Mount CIFS vol via PPTP?

    Hi all! I was just curious if anyone (else) had tried to use the updated version of Jaguar's Finder "Connect to Server..." over a PPTP VPN? I've been able to see all the servers on my work's network while I'm in the office plugged into their network. "Connect to Server..." works perfectly...
  12. ebalch

    iChat bug? Added buddies ALWAYS offline

    Yes. There is some weirdness with iChat when adding AIM buddies that I've noticed too. Scenario: I'm switching from using my AIM account to a .Mac account -- In my case in iChat is adding buddies from ErikTheHack's AIM account. The problem is the buddies in iChat don't show...
  13. ebalch

    Problems with Samba

    I've had no problems at all connecting to servers on a windows network as long as I'm directly connected to it (that is NOT via PPTP). The auto-discovery using "Connect To Server" in Jaguar works like a dream! I can see stuff that I can't even see from my Win2k box ;) However, if I connect...
  14. ebalch

    Would you buy a Newton if it was re-released?

    Seriously, just look at the link I posted above :) These guys have developed a thin-as-paper (almost) electronic ink screen that can be folded rolled or whatever. It will run for WEEKS on a standard 9-volt battery. The stuff they're doing is just unbelieveable!!!
  15. ebalch

    Would you buy a Newton if it was re-released?

    Here's an idea for the screen technology that should be addopted, check out OBTW, I still have (and love love love) my Newton MP2k!!! Ah! Those were the days... I used to develop for the Newton. I worked for Wright Strategies, Inc. here in good old San Diego, CA. How I...
  16. ebalch

    Strange Interface Builder hacks

    I expect that Apple won't take away the ability to view the contents of packages. Please note that they've already demoted the menu option from the main menu to a context menu. Back in the NeXT days it was called "Open as folder". For myself as a carry-over developer from the NeXT days, I...
  17. ebalch

    2 Machines Up and Running!

    I've got 2 OSXPB machines up and running! Both seem totally stable. Mac 1) My personal Sawtooth G4 450 w/256MB RAM and 2 20GB Quantum Fireball drives, ATI Rage Pro, 15" DVI Studio Display. This machine had OS9 installed on one drive and OSX installed on the other. Dual-booting from 2...
  18. ebalch

    How do you enable permits r/w for the system resources?

    Many of you probably already knew this but... BTW, you can still login as "root" from the login panel too! Just use root as the username and the "owner" user's password and you'll log in as the root with all the little locks set to unlocked and full root rights. Also, when you run...
  19. ebalch

    I have fully crashed OSX!

    This was most likely caused by a "Kernel Panic" We used to see these quite a lot in the early versions of NEXTETEP for Intel Processors Not to worry, you took the correct action. These should all but disappear by the time the final release arrives.