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    Ok let me take you way back.....

    one of the best overviews of OSX; from DP2 to 10.0 - it's all there. Hope that helps.
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    Cocoa programming manual

    for some reason, I was expecting a reply along the lines of "depends, are you loose or tight?" ...
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    Networking Questions???

    Got a question how would I got about connecting to my office network? currently we have to use Dave (which I hate), and am curious how I might go about accessing the different volumes. thanks for your help
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    A lot of questions!

    'bing' round 2.
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    MacOS history

    Does anyone know of any websites, or books that talk about the history of the MacOS, or Apple for that matter? I'm new to all of this, and am finding it extremely interesting. Thanks, Jeremy
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    Windows Knock-off

    You make some good points DJE, but to some extent, isn't windows just a mac clone? As for the dropshadow... you have to admit, it's a nice dropshadow.
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    GUI Suggestions (screenshot)

    I'd just love to see apple, or any other developer, come up with some solutions for the "power user". If it's these suggestions, or others, it really doesn't matter. Time will only tell, I can only assume that a lot will change as future release come out.
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    GUI History - Lisa

    I love this stuff... Great post.
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    GUI Suggestions (screenshot)

    I've made some changes to the layout.... check it out. Thoughts. I rearranged the menus at the top, bringing the "apple menu" to the right, and moving the app menu back to the left. I still think that the "apple menu" should remain, in...
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    This can all be fixed...

    Some very interesting ideas have come out of this discussion.
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    GUI Suggestions (screenshot)

    :) Now that I think about it, it might make some sense to put the "apple menu" in right corner, and bring the application menu back to the left.....
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    GUI Suggestions (screenshot)

    Let me clarify what I was thinking..... 1. THE APPLE MENU the apple menu is just the "Go" menu. Plain and simple. The only difference is that you can drag items into it, and organize them as you want. This allows you to access all your applications...
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    GUI Suggestions (screenshot)

    oh, I definitely agree with all of you points, and don't get me wrong, I definitely don't want to see the application switcher / control strip / apple menu of OS9 ever again. I guess my main problem is that I feel Apple is putting too much weight on the dock as a "do everything" solution...
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    GUI Suggestions (screenshot)

    To some extent, I don't think that apple should change everything for the sake of just changing it. I love the dock, it's great, but why loose the apple menu? it doesn't make any sense to me. They're trying to make the dock do far too much, especially for power users. As far as I'm...
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    GUI Suggestions (screenshot)

    I've been doing a lot of reading people's thoughts on OSX, and it's new interface. For the most part, I am quite happy with everything that Apple has done, but there are a couple of things that I personally feel should be addressed. I've begun to address these concerns at the link below...