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    I want my sftp

    I need to find out if anybody has got sftp running on this platform ...where can I get it ...and how to install
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    JSP and servlet (EJB too)

    has anybody successfully run a servlet engine on os X yet? I've been trying with the j2ee and I've got some things to run (ie. cloudscape) but j2ee has native methods so I may need to compile the source ( if I can get my hands on gcc) So if any of you have been successful it would be great to...
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    ok here's the next thing we need to accomplish SFTP and SFTPD! any ideas anyone? -Lister
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    Trying to find things out

    Here's a couple of things I am trying to accomplish and I'm wondering if any of you can help: 1. I want to see if you can redirect x displays from remote computers to the Mac OS X displays and vice versa eg telnet to remote host shell and execute: export DISPLAY