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    Compiler on OSX (gcc)

    Hey guys, this may be a stupid question but is there anyway i can get gcc to run on osx..I have the Darwin 1.0 downloaded and i have cc installed to where it will compile. But for some reason apps like Afterstep with install scripts only want gcc. I am trying to get an vnc server up and running...
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    OSX on PowerBook Firewire w/ 192 megRam

    Running fantasic, hasn't crashed since I installed. Only compilant is that appletalk only works over tcp/ip, but that's not a big deal.
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    cxx,gcc, or any other c compiler

    Hey guys, does anyone know how/where i can get a c++ or c compiler similar to gcc and cxx. How would something like that be installed in OSX, is there any special thing I have to do, I have several OpenGL programs written on a Unix system and I would like to compile them on my copy of osx. Is...