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    mulitple users - 2 using spotlight: 10.4

    I traced the problem back. My home folder privileges for the group "staff" were set to read only instead of no access. Resetting it sorted the problem. I remember I was trying to find a way of making it possible for us to share music and picture libraries in itunes and iphoto - a problem I still...
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    mulitple users - 2 using spotlight: 10.4

    Thanks for that, at least I know how it is supposed to work. I'll go back and rummage. Not sure what my best option is if it can't be made to work properly - reinstall 10.4 perhaps ?
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    Firewire and target discs

    I've a G5 running 10.4.2 and a G3 clamshell ibook running 9.1 Not too long ago I could use the G3 as a target disc with a firewire connection. I don't know why, but this has stopped working. The icon for the G3 appears on the desktop but any attempt to access it results in the computer...
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    mulitple users - 2 using spotlight: 10.4

    Spotlight lists files that are in other users areas. just being able to see the filenames of all the other users' files undermines their privacy. Can spotlight be prevented from being so nosy? I can switch out all my private files under the preferences of course - but then I can't use...
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    mulitple users - 1. sharing itunes libraries: 10.4

    Three of us share a G5 with OSX 10.4.2. we each have our own user area and password. Each of us uses itunes for personal collections of music and we would like to share these but retain our own personal libraries. I had a similar need for iphoto and by using iphotobuddy, I created shared...