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    [How To]Creating Divx Files

    So, a lot's changed since I first wrote this up. There are a couple great apps out there that simplify the process a lot. For ripping, 0Sex is still hanging around, but Mac the Ripper is much nicer. For encoding, use one of the...
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    [How To]Creating Divx Files

    If you want to backup a DVD, grab a copy of MacTheRipper, extract the entire disc, and burn the resultant VIDEO_TS and AUDIO_TS (if there is one) folders to a DVD...that should get it playable in most players.
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    Hard drive choice

    Why not go ahead and put the drive into the iBook once you get the OS installed on it?
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    Known 3rd party apps & drivers compatible with Tiger 8A425

    Anyone know anything about printing and scanning under Tiger? I was thinking about getting a multifunction printer/scanner, next weekend, and would hate to have it stop working when I upgrade to Tiger...
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    [How To]Creating Divx Files

    Encoding stuff on a Mac is a pain in the ass right now. Mencoder and FFMpegX make it a little easier, but both of them have their downfalls, and I have trouble getting them to work consistently. Here's another thread that talks about using ffMpeg instead; it might do what you're looking for...
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    Help! ScanMaker 4 Refuses to work...

    I'm using the beta drivers and trying to get a MicroTek ScanMaker 4 to work with 10.2.4 on a 1.25 GHZ DP Mirror-Drive-Door machine. The scanner is hooked to an adaptec 2906 SCSI card. Apple System Profiler sees the scanner and correctly detects the SCSI ID, no problem. However, on login, the...
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    Office V.x SR1 Problems

    I applied the SR1 Update to my copy of Office. The update went smoothly; the installer didn't ask for any new ownership information. Prior to the update, everything ran fine. However, after it, Word, Excel and PowerPoint all "quit unexpectedly" after about two bounces. Entrourage gets a...
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    Third party wireless driver

    I'm sure you've figured this out already, but they've released an updated version of the driver to use with 10.2. Download it from the page: Also, I'm curious...why are you using a Lucent card if you have a slot for an AirPort card?
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    Complain about .MAC directly to Apple's Feedback

    Apple is one of the few people to offer quality (well, that's kind of debatable, but at least it works most of the time) email service; I'd like to see them take the high road on this and keep the service going. email address are great publicity for Apple; the original suite of...
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    .Mac Petition

    The petition is a great idea; please sign it. In addition, if you can take the time, submit individual feedback; individual comments generally carry a lot more weight. I would propose that 5 MB email and 5 MB homepages stay free; it's great advertising for Apple. We should all tell them as...
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    Postfix Woes

    I'm want to use Postfix on my 10.1.3 machine to set up disposable mail aliases to control spam. I installed it with fink; I got it configured for my domain and can receive mail for root and my main user account just fine, but I can't seem to get aliases to work. I'm trying to follow this...
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    htpasswd broken?

    I don't remember if Apache is set up to do htaccess by default; you may have to edit your httpd.conf file and change the "AllowOverride" directive from "None to "AuthConfig"
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    What Happened to MacOSRumors?

    Did anything to Mac OS Rumors? I've been unable to access the site since mid-last week. Did they suddenly go out of business, or are they just having trouble with their provider? Sure, many of the rumors aren't true, and thinksecret gets updated much more often, but it's still fun to read...
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    divx converter quits

    I'm running into the same problem... I converted a couple files with the Avi2Mov tool from .avi to .mov and they played great. On about the fifth movie, the converter quit. I relaunched, tried to convert again; it let me select the source, and let me select where to save it, but it quit as...
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    10.1 Install CD won't boot on beige G3

    I'm having trouble even getting the machine (beige g3 tower, 384 RAM, no extra PCI cards) to will neither boot off my original 10.0 install disc, nor the 10.1 upgrade disc. When I hold down option, it sees the disc as bootable, but when I select it, it goes to the gray screen with...
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    Processor time

    From the command line, you need to first find out the process ID of the application you want give more or less CPU time to. top and ps are two command line apps you can use for this; otherwise, you can use the Process Viewer in the Utilities folder. Then run renice from the terminal with the...
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    Good Apple stores in St. Louis?

    The Mac Store is pretty decent; I've been really happy the times I've had to work with them. macstore Apple Specialist 2497a Adie Rd St Louis, MO 63043 (314) 692-8900 Corp (314) 692-8787 Sales (314) 692-8717 Service (314) 692-0922 Fax
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    iTunes 2.02

    I'm running 10.1 and iTunes 2.0.1; it's frustrating to me that in under my setup, if you try to command-tab to switch to another app, it moves the cursor between the library/radio tuner pane and the browse text field. It's definitely not a good sign that Apple would choose to implement this...
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    [HOWTO] - Use iTunes as an alarm clock

    Though editing your crontabs by opening them directly is possible, you should really use the crontab command line program to edit them. from a terminal window type: crontab -e It will pop open your crontab file with the vi editor. Add your entry in the format described above, and press...