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    File shared volume won't dismount-permissions?

    Just recently, when I mount a file shared volume and copy a file to it, subsequently it will not dismount. All I can do is FORCE QUIT the FINDER and then the remote volume will dismount. DETAILS: This occurs with an iMac 17' 1.25GHz G4 running 10.4.5 with current security updates, and...
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    How to tell older USB 1.1 cables from 2.0?

    Are the USB cables themselves different between older 1.1 & newer 2.0? I have an assortment of older 1.0 & 1.1 cables and some newer ones clearly labeled as 2.0. I know what some of them are, but uncertain on a number of them. How can you tell the difference between a 1.1 cable and the...
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    Bug IOGear USB 2.0 PCI card & iPod

    I got the PCI USB card working with SLEEP but discovered an issue with the iPod. I just installed a PCI USB 2.0 IOGear 5 port card in this G4 QuickSilver: G4 933 2002 model Tiger 10.4.2 1GB RAM PCI SCSI card 2930CU This G4 runs perfectly, and while I lost automatic DEEP SLEEP more...
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    Webpage will not load

    The webpage for TopCalculette will not load. I get this message in Safari under 10.4.2 Tiger: Safari can’t open the page. Safari can’t open the page “”. The error was: “POSIX error: Permission denied” (NSPOSIXErrorDomain:13) Please...
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    Now UpToDateContact504 Tiger problems

    Is anyone else having difficulty with Now UpToDateContact 5.04 on Tiger? I had 5.0 later /currently 5.02 installed and runninng fine on both a G4 10.3.4 and iMacG4 10.4.2 installation. When I tried to update both to 5.04 the apps Contact & UpToDate either will not launch or QUIT sometime...
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    My RoadRunner suddenly 1/10 normal speed

    Anyone else on RoadRunner?? After years of good service suddenly (past 10 days or so) my download speed has dropped to 1/10th of prior download speed. I am getting 10-40 KBytes/sec actual download speed on large files, where before I was getting 500-600K BYTES/sec. On checking various...
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    Safari Tiger Services CONTEXTUAL GONE

    I use DEVONthink often to store tidbits items from web pages via a SERVICES Contextual menu popup choice in Safari. This worked fine with previous OSX versions 10.3.4 etc. Under Tiger & Safari 2.0 the Services menu choice is missing from Contextual popup on all Safari pages. This...
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    URL sites ending in .tk not accessible Safari

    What are those sites? Why are they not working (apparently not listed in my DNS which is Roadrunner). I have run across several references to them and none work with Safari or FireFox. Any hints? was an example. Thanks for advice & comments.
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    Definitely weird OSX Finder experience copy/replace

    I will try to keep this short. OSX 10.3.4 & working fine & reliable and stable. DL a copy fn CopyPaste-X 2.5 final today. I had an original 2.0 F and a beta 2.5b4 which had been running week or more with no problems. Quit the CP2.5b4, opened dmg CP2.5, dragged to my app F (to REPLACE the...
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    Need new inkjet HP suggestions please

    My old 8302C HP just died refusing to print yellow. Bought new color cartridge $30 and still won't print yellow. NUTS. Replacement time. Had Epson years ago with 6100. Printed fine but seemed to clean on every start and inkjet printhead could clog easily. Prefer HP which replace printhead...
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    Corrupted Address Book 10.3.4

    How can I fix this? What files to delete? Or how to reinstall Address Book defaults? I never had used Address Book in OSX. I decided to try it on my on G4 running 10.3.4. I am uncertain but think Address Book was running before I did this. I used Address Book Sync 1.0 (from Now Software)...
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    OSX 2+ copies of an app --which is running?

    How do you tell which app is running if you have two or more copies of same app in various partitions or volumes on your Mac? I just installed a new larger 200GB hard drive and Carbon Copy CLoner cloned a copy of my older Jaguar OS to the new drive and Archived & Installed Panther on the new...
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    iTunes peculiarities Panther/Jaguar shared library

    I have a simple home LAN of two G4s one running Jaguar the other testing Panther. The Jag one had iTunes 4.0 and Panther one iTunes 4.01. I discovered I could not access the main MP3 library on the Jag G4 from the Panther on via sharing. A dialog said "library incompatible". It could see and...
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    Accordance Bible software compatible used CDROMs to sell?

    I would be particularly interested in NIV Study Bible Complete Library Mac (or the basic of same) Expositors Bible Commentary Map Atlas maybe others
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    USB printer sharing working for me in Jaguar

    I just did a test and USB printer sharing is working in OSX Jaguar, for me at least. I did not know this. If it was announced as finally working in OSX I missed it. I am still experimenting with OSX. My hardware & SW: HP 832C USB printer connected to G4 933 G4 933 running 10.2.1 with...
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    Jag boot requiring PSWD

    I installed Jag as clean install on one G4 and it boots directly to the desktop. On another G4, I did a Archive ,Save & install on a partition copy of a 10.1.5 OSX system. On this G4, the Jaguar boot stops at a login screen & requires a password and will then go the desktop. I am the only...
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    How to edit sound resources in OSX apps?

    How do I paste sound resources into an OSX app? I did this easily with OS9 & before. I just used resource editing tools & cut & paste. This is not mission critical. Just for fun and games. What I want to do is use a "You Got Mail" voice sound resource I got years ago from AIM and put...
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    How best backup OSX? OSX newbie here.

    How best to backup OSX? Are CCCloner or TriBackup what I should use? How do I best use these? Do they just replace the OSX files? In other words, would all other software & prefs installed still be working after replacing a damaged OSX with my backup? (Like Dragthing, MaxMenus, Fruitmenu...