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    MacOS X Sucks

    hmmm, I work on Macs since the Centris 650, quite a long time. now I use Mac and a Windows based system. Windows 2000 is stable and acceptable. The MacOsX beta is also very nice - I prefer it to windows, cause I have also some exprience with linux: so it's a very nice combination of both...
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    Hello, when I mount some HD's to my linux boxes I use the fstab file. Unfortunately it is not existing at the macosx box. There are 3 files instead of this: fstab.hd fstab.rd Has anybody an idea, which is the correct one to use ? S.
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    export DISPLAY=macosXbox:0.0

    nope. that's not the problem. the command (export DISPLAY=macbox:0 for bash or setenv DISPLAY macbox:0 for C shell) has to be entered in the OTHER unix box to export the display to the mac or any other computer I am working with. It works for alls unix or linux systems, just not for the Mac...
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    export DISPLAY=macosXbox:0.0

    Hello, has somebody an idea, how to export the Display from other unix stations to the MacOsx computer. This is a standard feature of Linux/Unix. I am not able to export the Display from other unix computers to my MacOsX computer ... has somebody sucessfully tried ?