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    can't save Appleworks docs

    Hi with os X running well I am able to start Appleworks 6.04 and create new docs. When I try to save them I see two icons appaer in the document (tempate and Document) that normally appear in the save window when I click save a message comes up saying "the volume was not found". Does not...
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    Word in os9 under X

    Hi Os9 starts up fine but when i try to open a word doc the program starts, icon appears in the dock and then disappears again, leaving os9 open. Same for excel and powerpoint. Graphic converter has no problems Any ideas what goes wrong regards Harry
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    OS9.04 stops with starting before ext load

    Hi, my OSX runs fine on a separat partition on my G4-450, but when i try to run os9 which is on my first partition the os9 starup screen appears the blue bar starts filling up for half a cm and then the syatem seems to quit. The icon also go out of the dock I am runnig the international version...