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    Using application as other user

    you can open mac os x gui apps in the command line using the open command. for instance you could open an app as the superuser by doing: sudo open <path to application> there is also a gui app called Pseudo that let's you do the same thing but without bothering with the command line...
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    How do you add new alert sounds?

    right, so the administrator could put sounds in /System/Library/Sounds and they would be available to any user. and if you're just a regular user who wants a bunch of cool sounds available to you but not everyone else, you would put them in /Users/JoeCool/Library/Sounds aka ~/Library/Sounds...
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    OS X icons

    If you don't want to bother making your own, <A HREF=""></A> has a huge selection for download. They also have a few articles on more <A HREF="">advanced icon edits</A>. Btw, for those making icons for OS X, check...
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    tool bar

    I don't know but i found a cool program at <A HREF=""></A> that lets you customize the icons in this toolbar. I don't like Apple's default ones very much. here's the link to the program and more sets of toolbar icons for anyone who's interested: Switcheroo...
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    How do you guys make your OS X look so darn awesome???

    Another cool hack is changing the icons in Finder window toolbar of OS X. <A HREF=""></A> has a utility called <A HREF="">Switcheroo</A> that will do this for you. They...