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    No Restart in OSX

    I finally got OSX to reboot from the disk and install everything(which took about 20 minutes) . I had to put my Newer Tech G3 300 card in and take out my Sonnet G4 450. Crazy! Now the only way to get back up and running is to hold down option key to boot OS 9. OSX will not restart, it turns the...
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    No dice no matter what

    I attempted install with my current setup as listed below and even went so far as to disconnect everything and put the computer back to stock status(aside from the G4 card) and I still get stuck at the smiley faced mac after the reboot. It just sits there with that face until I force reboot. Oh...
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    Am I compatible?

    Can someone please give me their educated guess on this issue? I have a Power Mac 9600/200 upgraded with Sonnet G4 450/225 ,13 Gig HD, 256 MB ram, currently running 9.0.4. HOW do I go about installing OSX PB as I know this is an unsupported configuration. Thanks to any helpful advisors ; )
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    Delayed till the 14th

    This address seems to imply that the release will be on the 14th now. Follow this url and draw your own conclusion.