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    Tiger Isync error

    I can't seem to get Exchange sync for Address Book to show up since I installed Tiger (not upgrade.. erase and install.
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    Tiger bug list. hopefully could be helpful

    I noticed a reply from someone above saying that a keybaord setup assistant was coming up when he switched on a A/B USB box. That keyboard assistant for "Identifying my keyboard" comes up everytime log out or do a fast user switch to the login window. I have a Tacile Pro keyboard and it worked...
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    VLAN support in Panther Client

    I realize it would not be "supported" but based on what I've read about the server and client versions of Mac OS X they are architecturaly an exact match. They (Apple) most likely just upgraded the driver for the GigE card and added a few GUI routines to control the loading of the module (ala...
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    VLAN support in Panther Client

    We have an Xserve here that just got the 10.3.3. Server update and now has support for adding VLAN interfaces and understanding 802.1q tags. I have a G5 on my desk with the Apple BTO second Gigabit card. Does anyone know was this simply an updated prefernces panel? A driver upgrade? Both? I...
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