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    monitors CP crashes with 10.1, Radeon - Classic workaround

    I recently installed 10.1 on my Beige G3, and I wanted to make my PCI ATI Radeon the startup monitor on the machine and set the resolution & col. depth. Guess what??? The Monitors option under System Preferences CRASHES when I try to open it. Everytime. So what do I do? Launch Classic...
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    10.1 Beige - floppy, video, printer fixes?

    Has anyone tried a very recent build of 10.1 on a Desktop G3? I'm interested in the following: 1. has the video driver been accelerated for Rage & Rage Pro chips? 2. are built-in floppy disks supported? 3. does the printer port work? 4. do external SCSI CD burners work? 5. and (most...
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    second HD doesn't show (BeigeG3), modem doesn't work

    Hi! A few days ago I was finally able to install Mac OS 10.00 on a Beige G3. I had to jumper the CD to Master for this to work. I have two Internal IDE Hard Disks, as follows: 10 Gb Quantum IDE - set to Master Internal ATA 1 - ID=0, 7 Gb HFS+ partition (OS X) 3...
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    Epson 850, Beige G3 OSX printing

    My OS X is in the mail, according to Apple. However, I was wondering if there will be a feasible way for me to print to my inkjet. I have an officially support model for OS X (Beige Desktop G3), and an Epson 850 printer. This printer connects via a SERIAL connection and not through USB, and it's...
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    won't boot install CD in Beige G3

    I've been trying very hard to install the MacOS X beta several times over the last month or so with no avail on my Beige G3. I have an original MacOS X Beta disk, and I've tried booting while holding down the 'C' key. The CD-ROM spins up for a few seconds, waits, and then the machine hangs...