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    Quicktime Streaming Server basics

    I just installed the server on Mac OS X 10.1. The admin functions work fine, but I cannot find any info on how to access playlists from a web browser, iTunes or QT player. I know it is a very basic question, but when the server is running what URL do you have to type to access the media it is...
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    WebObjects 4.5 and OSX Server 10.1

    I cannot manage to install that version onto MacOSX Server: does anyone know if it is possible to use that version or if one has to use version 5?
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    FTP directories strategy

    I am trying to set up an FTP service where anonymous users and registered "staff" users have access to a different directory structure. I want anonymous users to see only one directory and not be able to go to the root and see all shares, whereas I would like registered users to see other...
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    Booting from removable drives

    Did anybody manage to boot MacOS X Beta from a removable drive, such as a Jaz?