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    faster switching between startup disks

    I need a script to fast switch to my OS9 disk instead of having to go into the control panel, wich is too slow. it should look something like this: tell application "Finder" activate do shell script "/usr/sbin/bless -folder9 '/Volumes/Mac OS 9/System Folder' -setOF" password...
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    I have connected my LaserJet to the ethernet network and turned on apple talk. MacOS X found the printer at once, but suddenly i didn't work anymore. AppleTalk shows no zones and I can't print. I can still print i classic, but not in OS X. I wonder if there are any files missing? Help.. /P...
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    OS X on 8600 or sumthin..

    Okay, does anyone know if the beta will install on a machine without G3 at all? DP4 would install on my 8600 (604e 200), so why wouldn't the beta?