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    T.120 / Netmeeting compatible application sharing?

    Is anyone aware of any OS X app that will allow me to share apps (and receive shared apps) from other users using netmeeting? I specifically need a T.120 client. (Otherwise I'll have to use VirtualPC and just use netmeeting, more money for M$ :-(.
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    Clarisdraw replacement?

    Under classic, I've been occassionally using Clarisdraw (was MacDraw) to do layout for woodworking. Given Claris is no more :(, I'd like to replace it with someing OS X native, but I'm not that interested in an expensive CAD tool. I'm happy if I can just do simple drafting, and automatically get...
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    Anyone figure out how to associate a PPD file with a printer? I can connect to the printer via appletalk or LPD, but it thinks it's a laserwriter instead of a Phaser 740...