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    IP forwarding?

    I dont know all the proper terminology, but I have an airport base station connected to my ethernet hub which is allocating IP addy to my two machines (so both can be on the net when Im only allowed one IP from my server). Questions is; How can I get the airport (functioning as a router) to...
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    help w/ CLI logouts

    Is it possible to logout completely through the CLI without it just exiting your particular terminal session? Sometimes X wont let me logout through the menu or the key combo and I have to restart the machine to just logout. I can logout if I kill the login window app from the terminal, but...
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    setting up ftp

    I have ftp up and running with other users in addition to an anonymous user. How can i restrict each user (including anonymous) to a particular directory? Right now when they log in, they go to their home directory, but they just can back up all the way and see all my drives. Any suggestions?