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    Classic Woes

    Okay so here is my problem: I start up classic, which is run off a different partition (9.2.2) Classic launches but immediately quits before it finishes. But the partition starts up fine. Any idea what is wrong and how i can fix it?
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    Hey all - I was wondering if anyone knew where a prebuilt Apache server for OS X / OS 9 was. If not, is there a guide availible that would teach me how to compile it / install it, and do all the configuration? I currently know almost nothing about Unix, so any help would be appreciated...
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    Internet through airport?

    Hi All - I have a Powerbook g3 2000, and I'm connected through an airport card to the internet via a cable modem. I was wondering if anyone has discovered / found out a way to get me onto my old network with my airport card on OSX, so that I can get onto the internet with it. I'm pretty...
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    Web Deisgn

    Hey all - Recently i've been developing my own personal website, and it was coming along nicely. I just ordered OSX, and was eager to preview my website in Internet Explorer 5 beta, and OmniWeb. In IE 5, most things stayed in their preferred format, but some things were still moved...