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  1. ebalch

    HELP! Need MW Visual SourceSafe for Macintosh Client

    Does anyone have a copy of this hanging around? Or maybe know where I can find it? We're in a real tight bind here. All I need is the client so I can check in/out files from our server. Thanks! email:
  2. ebalch

    X.2: Anyone able Mount CIFS vol via PPTP?

    Hi all! I was just curious if anyone (else) had tried to use the updated version of Jaguar's Finder "Connect to Server..." over a PPTP VPN? I've been able to see all the servers on my work's network while I'm in the office plugged into their network. "Connect to Server..." works perfectly...
  3. ebalch

    2 Machines Up and Running!

    I've got 2 OSXPB machines up and running! Both seem totally stable. Mac 1) My personal Sawtooth G4 450 w/256MB RAM and 2 20GB Quantum Fireball drives, ATI Rage Pro, 15" DVI Studio Display. This machine had OS9 installed on one drive and OSX installed on the other. Dual-booting from 2...