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    Reset PRAM and now OSX will not start

    Not good. I reset the PRAM and now OS X will not start up at all. Everything starts normal, I get the chime, OSX progress box which fills out and the little gear wheel turning, then a blue screen and gear wheel turning, and then a black screen with: Darwin/BSD (C-76-30-66-9. hsd1tx...
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    iPhone and USB 1.1

    I have an older G4 iMac 800Mhz computer which has 3 USB 1.1 ports. No USB 2.0. My iPod works just fine, maybe a little slow, but it also advertised using USB 2.0. Before I buy an iPhone, I just want to be sure I can plug it into my old and tired iMac and make it work. Thanks in advance, Bill