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    Permanently revealing Library directory ...

    Hello: I have a backup drive of my previous MacBook Pro which includes the user Library directory. However, when I go to access this directory it is, understandably, invisible since Apple restricts access to the User Library directory. I know there are ways to reveal the User Library...
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    Accessing Cloned Hard Drive

    I have a hard drive clone of my previous MacBook Pro. I need to gain access to items within the User > Library directory. However, this portion of the drive is locked, and every directory within it is also locked, meaning I don't have permission to any of the files I need within them. How...
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    Resetting NAS Drive Permissions

    The drive is shared by smb, as in: smb://xxx@buffalo/sonos I use Connect to Server in the Finder menu.
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    Resetting NAS Drive Permissions

    I have tried this, both with the Finder and with Path Finder - The Finder doesn't allow me to access the permissions section of the Get Info window. It simply doesn't show up! Path Finder allows me to change the permission settings, but they don't stick when I re-check them.
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    Resetting NAS Drive Permissions

    How would I go about changing permissions on a directory on an NAS drive mounted on my desktop? I have used various forms of chmod, but I keep getting a message that I do not have permission to change this directory. Yet, I am doing this in Root, I am the administrator of both the Mac, and...