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    Safari Keeps Redirecting To Another Site

    hello i am trying to download a game in bigfishgames but it keeps coming up with redirecting to a valid site and the download does not work? as far as i can see it is a valid site. thank you.
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    Hdmi No Signal?

    hello i have an old mac mini 80 gb but i am not certain when i bought it,probably about 10 years ago,i have bought a new mac mini for the wife and wanted to use the old one for me,i am using a television as a monitor so i bought a mini DP to HDMI to connect the box,the television source is set...
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    put right my safari which seems to have been hijacked?

    hello on safari now when i go to bigfishgames and click on a game to download it comes up saying redirecting to a valid site,and when i click on download on this site the same things happen,i did a system restore and did a reset in safari but no luck,i have sophos antivirus installed and did a...
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    Picasa not restoring after new install ?

    hello my macmini 80gb 10.6.8 with snow leopard was running very slow so i did a format and then an install,i had backed up Picasa to an external drive but now when i click on Picasa restore it does nothing,i can see the spinning disk for about 2 hours but no restore,any ideas how i can restore...
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    program like dvd profiler for mac?

    hello i have got dvd profiler on my windows laptop but i am looking for a program like dvd profiler for my apple minimac 80 gb with snow leopard,if possible i would like to import all my titles from one program to another,i have looked at delicious library and movie collection,any help would be...