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    windows 7 on bootcamp

    tried to create a partitian and i dont have the windows disc to put in my drive so how can i get windows on my mac where i load up windows without mac being on at same time? thanks
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    parallels desktop 8

    hi trying to install it on my mac.. put a cd r in the drive to write it on a disc but didnt work.. how can i install it? thanks dorit
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    windows media player

    im on the bbc iplayer site and i want to download a program to put on my usb and it says Software upgrade required To download BBC iPlayer programmes please upgrade your version of Windows Media Player. Download the latest version from Microsoft. i got flip4mac and says my software on...
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    startup disc is almost fulll

    why is this and what can i do to make it less full? they don't mean the amount of things i have stored on my computer do they?
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    macbook freezes

    recently every day my mac has frozen and i cant see my mouse button anywhere.. why is this happening?
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    new ipad 4

    hi got the new ipad 4, and the simpsons tapped out doesnt seem to load keeps saying cant connect to server-why is this? ! works on ipad 3 but upgraded to ipad 4,, also could i get back to the level i was on in ipad 3?
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    hi on skype people cant seem to hear me.. tested my mic in the sound test and everything works fine.. same on my hp touchsmart pc as well the other person checked their settings and was fine what can i do?
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    toast help

    hi this is a bit tricky to explain but is there any way on toast i can make a dvd disc so i can just click on the episode like 1, 2, 3 where theres a box like on a dvd instead of me having to scroll through each episode cos when a episode ends it goes back to the 1st one on the disc and...
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    merging msn and skype together

    a shame msn is going :( i updated it so all my msn contacts are on but i want to delete some and i cant seem to, some i no longer speak to.. why is that?
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    adobe audition

    been editing my radio project for uni, its a wav file so cant play it on real player.. no idea how to convert it to mp3 so people can listen to help me with it before i hand it in? hope you can help
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    rip bits out of youtube

    how do i get something to cut bits out of youtube clips? i need them for my uni project
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    i downloaded freewire to my laptop and it doesnt load, it goes to a black screen when i load it up.. wonder why cos they do have a mac version to download, any way i could fix it? this is the link i downloaded it from:
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    my website- is youtube videos ok on it?

    hi im thinking to make a website for a uni media project, is it ok if i post links to youtube clips and write about them on my site, or will i have to have a youtube channel and upload them to that and just write about them on my website? thanks
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    need program to compress mp3 files

    got an mp3 file of my practice on the radio and i want to email it to my friends and people to give their opinion, too big to email, tried creating new folder on the desktop and compressing it but still no good its 51.7MB any programs i can use to compress it so it can fit into an email...
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    toast titanium help

    hi i made a disc image in toast and tried to drag the disc image into copy- image file and nothing happened, why is that? got toast 9 have made cds using this method before
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    burn disc in itunes

    i burn a disc and it says: the attempt to burn a disc failed , the burn failed because of a medium write error- what can i do? i erased the disc as well so nothing else was on it, hoping you can help
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    how to watch movie- got video ts and vts

    got video ts and vts files and dont know which one to extract / how i can watch it? it's a movie
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    mic trouble

    Hi Before cam and mic worked fine on skype but now people can't seem to hear me sometimes and i can never hear them recently.. did a skype test call and i can hear myself, mic is fine, also speakers are working, why is this? so annoying !!
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    email problem

    Hotmail couldn't send your message because the server was busy. Please try again later. emails cant send .. they did once but hours later, problem started today, what can i do? is it hotmails fault? so annoying
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    need to resize pic

    dont seem to have iphoto, need to resize the picture ive got.. its 2MB, no idea how to make it smaller cos i wanna upload it to a site