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    Offline backups from App-store downloads

    When purchasing/downloading OSX apps from the App store, is it possible to keep an offline backup as well? I've been told that you can simply copy the app itself from the /Applications/ folder, but of course that only assumes that the installer didn't spread lots of additional support files all...
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    Networking Leopard + Tiger problems

    My household has a wired network (Ethernet) with two computers connected to a common router: a recent iMac running Leopard and a Powerbook G4 (1.67GHz version) running Tiger. I want to be able to transfer files between the two computers' desktop, but it only partially works. I have the...
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    Creating a cabled network

    I would like to create a cabled network at home but don't really know which cables to get etc. I have two Macs sitting in different rooms and will possibly buy a multi-function networking printer later. I haven't decided where I want to place the printer yet. I would like to place several...
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    New vs. old 20" iMac

    How does the new 20" iMac (2.66 GHz) compare to the previous 20" model (2.4 GHz)? The new model is more expensive where I am. Will the new graphic card make any difference (I hear that Snow Leopard will take advantage of better graphic cards, possibly making the whole computer faster or...
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    Changing Finder label colors

    Is it possible to change the colors of the Finder labels? I'm using MacOS 10.4.11.
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    Software for creating 3D graphs

    I've conducted a little survey and would like to present my findings in form of one or several graphs or charts. Instead of the usual bar and pie charts we've all seen a thousand times, is there any software which allows me to do this in a more stylish and different way, like in a "3D" type...
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    Roxio Toast 8: download or buy CD?

    I want to buy Roxio's Toast 8 software, but I'm not sure if I should go for the download or a physical CD. The former will be the cheapest and I assume I'll receive it right away. - apart from Toast on a CD, what does the "physical" package contain? A paper-manual perhaps? - is it possible to...
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    Adobe Acrobat newbie -importing text & graphics

    I want to create a PDF file out of several documents, but I don't know what would be the best way to do it. I have Adobe Acrobat pro 7. The documents are mostly forms created with OmniOutliner, but since I also wanted to include some graphics in some of those documents I chose to export them as...
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    MS-DOS floppy disks and DS_store files

    I admit, I'm old fashioned ;) Is there a way to remove .DS_store files from floppy disks so that they won't cause problems on other computer systems? Another thing: why is it that floppy disks sometimes report as being unreadable on the Mac, and refuses to be formatted, but on another (non-Mac)...
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    Turning commands into clickable files

    There are various "hidden settings" in MacOS only accessible via the UNIX command line that I would like to turn on or off simply by double-clicking a file for each function (two files that is; one for turning the function on, another for turning it off). I've so far tried using ScriptGUI, and...
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    Edit icons in Photoshop?

    How do I import an existing icon (e.g. the Safari icon) into Photoshop so that I can edit it slightly, then save it as a Mac icon again? (hopefully without any noticeable changes for the parts of the icon I didn't edit).
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    Disabling dashboard/"dashboardadvisoryd", spotlight features etc.

    I'm generally very happy with MacOS (I'm running 10.4.10 on a 1.67GHz Powerbook G4 with 1.5GB RAM), but things can always get better... Dashboard After installing Little snitch I found out that there are indeed a lot of "phoning home" type applications. I don't mean to start a debate about this...
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    Automating photo-imports

    I would like to find some way of automatically copying my photos from my memory card on to the Finder desktop instead of doing this manually each time. I believe "Automator" is the way to go, but it all looks awfully complicated and I have no idea where to start. This is the manual...
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    My Powerbook G4's DVD is region-free!

    My Christmas gift apparently arrived a few days late this year, because after endless searching on the web, reading that my particular DVD-RW drive can't be made region free I finally stumbled across a firmware download today which proved the opposite! I'm on a 15" PowerBook G4 with a 1.67GHz...
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    How do I back up and re-install?

    Unfortunately I'm one of those people who can't help but peek and poke into the insides of things, which in this case means that I've been hacking and messing around with stuff I shouldn't in MacOS as well as software. The computer is a Powerbook G4 with an 80GB internal drive (around 50GB...
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    Changing modem speed in Powerbook

    How do I change the baudrate of the built-in modem inside my Powerbook G4 (1.67GHz)? I can't find any such settings. The "Network" preferences defaulted to "Apple Internal 56K modem (v.92)" and I see that there are other "Apple internal 56K modem" types to choose from as well, each with a...
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    Hacking the sound-level icon

    I'd like to change the speaker audio-level icon (the one in the menu-bar which looks like a speaker) so that when it's turned off I have a red "prohibited" sort of sign over it. I assume that since there a 4 different levels displayed there are also 4 different image files, so I could simply...
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    Little snitch -should I get it?

    I've been using Little snitch (in demo mode) for a while now (it has a very generous 3 hour session limit. After that you just have to enter its configuration and tell it to go into demo mode again, for another 3 hours!). It seems like a very useful tool (I've even caught some spyware this...
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    Network preference problems

    Here's the thing: I wanted to change some of my network settings, so I click on the Network control panel (found withing System preferences), make my changes and press the Apply now button. What happens is that the beach ball starts spinning indefinitely and after a while I have to force quit...
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    I hate NeoOffice -anything better available?

    I need to use a word-processor now and then (term papers etc.) and I chose NeoOffice because it's (more or less) micro$oft Word compatible and of course because it's free. But I'm sick of it for a variety of reasons: 1) it's slow and sluggish, feels like a very "heavy" and "bloated" application...