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    Volunteer sought for OSX/Networking page

    I am the person who basically started this section in I also wrote the welcome memo. I have a SMALL project underway to provide a webpage that reports the current state of OSX networking. The focus will be on source,MacOX, and darwin projects that are out...
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    Can a NetInfo Domain be setup w/o OSX Server???

    I read Apple's "UnderstandingUsingNetInfo.pdf" available from it's knowledge base. The guide talks about setting up a netinfo domain with an OSX server. It talks about something called "NetInfo Domain Setup", an application built into OSX server. OSX client has NetInfo Utility and it seems...
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    Welcome to the forum.

    This is not a forum to learn Unix. There are two others on this site for that. This is a specialized forum to discuss networking brought over from unix that has now been integrating into Mac OSX. Some examples of software/protocols/standards that have been ported are: SSH (secure...
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    New Domain Needed

    How about putting up a new domain for OSX/unix networking, or at least create another section..... There are loads of issues that come up WRT implementing and troubleshooting netinfo,nis,nfs....... Since apple has left the options open, we need a forum to find solutions on our own...
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    VIM Issues + GENERAL remarks

    Installed ncurses and VIM using MAC OSX pkg's from vim wont start up b/c: dyld: vim can't open library: /usr/local/lib/libdl.dylib (No such file or directory, errno = 2) and ls-l yields: [localhost:/usr/local/lib] macroot% ls libcurses.dylib...
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    How To Prevent Booting Off A Cd

    BESIDES removing theactual CD drive, is there a way to prevent the booting of an OSX machine from a CD?? This is a blaring!!! security hole. We are setting up a lab, and we can't have this. Any CONCRETE ideas???
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    Documenting Software from 10.0.0-10.1

    I want a list of exactly what software has been changed, deleted, modified, upgraded since 10.0.0 Golden Master. For example: there was no SSH in 10.0.0 and since, there have been multiple updates with each SW install. I am interested primarily in the darwin (BSD/UNIX) based applications...
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    This script?

    This "script" that runs MacOSX is more like a multithreaded and well thought out program. Give it some respect, bozo.
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    DOES tar work on OSX???

    I try to tar a directory yet it doesnt seem to work??? [localhost:~] hunter% tar -C xfer/ tar: Failed open to read on /dev/nrst0 <No such file or directory> the dir IS there I want to archive and compress this file..what else can I do????
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    There are 2 (or more) installations of java JDK?????

    "whereis java" yields: /usr/bin/java yet.. it seems like the more used jdk is in /System/Library/Frameworks/JavaVM.framework/Versions/1.3/ This is quite unsettling. According to "man whereis" : The whereis utility checks the standard binary directories for the speci- fied...
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    is /usr/local the same as /Users/someName

    I am pretty new to unix. I have been using osx since 3/24. It seems that the general dir to install applications on other unix systems is to /usr/local OSX has this too, however, is /Users/someUserName just as good a place?? what differences will occur if I install something in either...