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  1. Greg_Reez

    It's hot !

    The streets of the sun... also quite warm.
  2. Greg_Reez

    my mac is having serious problems

    This place is radiating knowledge... I'm here to ask questions like yourself, not give advice often, but one thing I come across often from those that are literal mac libraries of troubleshooting information is that you don't need an anti-virus program installed. If macaroni is the root of your...
  3. Greg_Reez

    How to clear recent save locations

    What program? Word?
  4. Greg_Reez

    Photoshop CS3 problems again...

    Welcome. Is your problem just that PSCS3 and AICS2 are not launching? What's happening when you launch them? Any pop-up warnings or errors?
  5. Greg_Reez

    Hows does OSX Recover Adobe Documents

    It isn't so much your operating system that's doing it. It's Adobe, and more specifically, it's Adobe InDesign. InDesign does it on both PC and Mac. The rest of Adobe's programs aren't capable. Although it would be GREAT if they did have the automatic recovery feature. When you "save" or "save...
  6. Greg_Reez

    Rescue deleted data (USB/Mac)

    To my knowledge, anything deleted from external memory or a shared volume/network drive gets deleted immediately. When you delete it, usually it'll ask "this file will be deleted immediately... Would you like to continue?" In my experience, the process cannot be undone unless you have back ups...
  7. Greg_Reez

    Which version of adobe InDesign

    Unfortunately not to my knowledge. InDesign doesn't attach that type of data to the file info. This is something that Adobe Bridge should be able to tell you, I checked, it doesn't. I have many .indd files made in the last 7 years (unmodified & unopened) and they all say CS4, which is the...
  8. Greg_Reez

    Ideas for covering the metal parts or allergy proofing a MacBook Pro?

    Latex gloves out of the question for now? The keys are plastic and painted silver. But plenty of companies make full body skins... I googled and found You can even get skins that have more personalized graphics instead of clear protection. I could only imagine how frustrated...
  9. Greg_Reez

    better or worse?

    Absolutely... helps if you let me know which programs you use frequently, but on the basic level, A very cool new feature that benefits all users is the MiniBridge palette. Bridge is Adobe's version of file navigation (like finder), but is even more helpful and specific to files created by your...
  10. Greg_Reez

    Autosave file location

    Open Office does autosave periodically, but to my knowledge, the autosave function exists only for auto recovery purposes. Like if the program froze or became unresponsive, then you force quit it, and you relaunch it, it would automatically open whatever the last autosaved version was. By...
  11. Greg_Reez

    iPod Classic for Windows AND Mac?

    It is "possible". You'll have to reformat each time you plug it in to iTunes on either machine, resulting in your entire library being deleted. From the forum governing policy:
  12. Greg_Reez

    RGB Settings

    What kind of display and OS are you running
  13. Greg_Reez

    Looking for an old mac game

    Odell Lake?
  14. Greg_Reez

    Illustrator 10 - "the encoding (CMap) specified by a font is missing"

    Are you saving it as an Illustrator file or as a PDF file? You can try outlining your fonts before saving and it'll turn your text into shapes. The good thing is now there is no font info associated with your file and you shouldn't get the font error. The bad thing is you won't be able to alter...
  15. Greg_Reez

    open a *.dat file in mac os

    I receive .dat attachments through outlook quite often. Sounds like it's a similar problem that I had. I installed TNEF's Enough. You'll have to launch the program and run the .dat file through it in order to extract whatever files have been embedded. Hopefully it works if you try it.
  16. Greg_Reez

    This Might Be helpful To Someone.

    I assume after you cleaned it everything worked fine?
  17. Greg_Reez

    Steve Ballmer mosaic

    I think there are only a dozen or so photos with different color walls in the background. You could put anything in place of the computer and it would still look similar, it just wouldn't look blueish. Pretty cool anyway.
  18. Greg_Reez

    microsoft word question

    First, Microsoft Word is notorious for adding characters that don't transfer to CMS. Copying and Pasting is extremely inconsistent and there won't be a good enough explanation for you in terms of why its happening now and hasn't been happening before. It may look OK for a month, but then not...
  19. Greg_Reez

    Magic Mouse problems

    I guess I was a fortunate one. I just came back from the store with my new mouse, connected the mouse, and installed the updates. It works great. I think it's going to be tough to get used to the lower profile though. My buddy here at work played a trick by flipping my mouse around. I couldn't...
  20. Greg_Reez

    Mac and Apple

    Apple is the name of the corporation, Mac is the line of computers and laptops (short for Macintosh). People who don't know any better sometimes use the terms interchangeably.