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  1. werthnet

    New *imac*

    I just got a new 20' inch iMac :) its my first real intel mac. (and my first new in box)
  2. werthnet

    Ipod touch doesn't have a key

    you could redo it
  3. werthnet

    almost new mac owner...

    it looks like your ok i dont have satellite internet but it looks like it will work with the softwere and be as fast as your windows computers internet is. In less you have The DW4000 modem because it does not support the Macintosh operating system. -...
  4. werthnet

    OS X Panther Install Help!!!!!

    i got it to work - i installed os 9 then installed osx :) so it works and also thanks to ElDiabloConCaca -ray
  5. werthnet

    OS X Panther Install Help!!!!!

    355mhz :) idk i cant because i have linux on it (ubnutu 6.06.1 LTS) But i realy want osx BAD!!!!!!!
  6. werthnet

    OS X Panther Install Help!!!!!

    Hello this is my first post Ok so i am trying to install osx panther on my imac g3 and i get to the welcome to mac os x 10.3 installision screen and it wont let me click countune it froze up so i really need help!!!!!!!!!